Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Born in blood and famished in food

Just a little diddy to describe my day.

i have a piece of wit for you; some advice to pass along
don't believe me? Try yourself, you'll see that you are wrong.
you see i learned the heard way and i suppose that you can too
if you decide to do the things that i was fool enough to do.
i wanted to be a good person; help out my fellow man
the reason is i'm a nice enough guy i do what little i can
i saw the sign say DONATE BLOOD and figured it was a good cause
i never knew how incredibly wrong and right at the same time i was
i wont go into details; this little bit should suffice
and hopoefully others are spared some pain by my informed advice
all i'll say is; eat a meal before you walk into that door
or they'll take your blood, you're head will spin, and your face will hit the floor


Rylee said...

Oh NO! Race that is not good, at least you got a really funny poem out of it!

Kathleen said...

Funniest poem yet bud but i hope you really didn't pass out!

Kates said...

Did you really hit the floor? Oh buddy, that is a long way to fall. NOT GOOD! Are you ok?

Jayderaid said...

hahahahaha, Race are you ok? I love reading your mog. It makes me miss you a lot though. Hey you should take philosophy, I think you would love it. I'm in a really cool philosophy class and the past two times i've been in it i've thought of you and how much you would love the class.

Linds said...

Race that poem ROCKS