Friday, August 15, 2008


This is Eagar in my rearview. And not to whine but do you all recall the tearfull goodbye katie got at BYU? Ya i was the only one home when i split. Mom was off doing something....markee was doing something i don't remeber what. And that is my tassel hanging from the mirror. its weird to see it and know i'm all graduated.
My bed. its huge and comfy. Its got a down comforter and everything.
This is the room as shot from on top of the endtable in the corner. The purple carpet is shag and really awesome.
This is my room from the kitchen looking in.
Now this is my favorite part. These are all weapons i have in my room. Alot of my friends live in the dorms so they can't have knives guns explosives or drugs. so a good deal of each of those items is now at my storage regulation-free pad. oh by the way yes, that is a highway flare on the right. i am also in possesion of their rifles and russian mail order brides but i didn't take pictures of those.*
There is a certain ammount of lies (or what i call "fun-truth") in that paragraph. i'll let you decide what is true and what isn't.
This is porter he is a few months younger than bucky he is super cute and he likes me alot. he is mitch and hailey's kid.
This was on my bedroom door. However i don't remember seeing it when i first walked in the room so i think i showed up and sister platt forgot i was coming and to make it seem like she knew the whole time she put this up while i was out getting my stuff.....

This is my room. This is my desk/workspace. Tons of intillectual papers will be typed here. i've got my satck pf books laptop and camera.

This is my closet. Its organized now but i bet that in about a will still be organized. I dig it cause i actually have a closet here. didn;t have one back home.
These are my clothes. Riveting, i know. but they are organized by shirt type, sleeve length, and color.


Rylee said...

Sorry no one was there to send you off! Markee WAS bringing a new life into the world though. I'm so glad you live with the Platt's for now. Makes me less worried about you! The purple carpet is amazing and I don't think, actually I know I've never seen your clothes so organized! Please keep those weapons where Porter and Madison cannot get ahold of them! Let us know how the first day of school is!

Kates said...

I love this post. Makes me feel like I was a part of it. I remember the tearful farewell very well and to think no one sent you off makes we want to tear up again! You are going to be a great student!

Chelsee said...

I feel your pain with the no send off. THe first one leaving is traumatic and then after that, no big deal. (just kidding mom!) :) I feel better that you are living with the Platt's. I just feel bad for them!;) keep us updated!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the update Bud. Even though I can't remember Matt living with us I'm pretty sure I didn't put a sign on his door! Thanks Andrea! Your clothes are so neat and organized - who knew you knew how to do that! JK!

Race Davis said...

did mom just JK? wow.