Thursday, August 28, 2008


So here in Thatchtown you see lots of people; some old friends like Bryce and Jeffy and some Really old friends like Devon Whiting (fully saw him the other day) and of course i'm meeting new people. Alot of these people bear strinking resemblances to folks we know. here are a few.

Most of us know of Jessica Finch and if you don;t your about to see pictures of her. She's Markee's age and i went to school with her. Here she is:

Yep This is Jessica these next few are of her.
Again, Jessica

And one last time here is jessica Finch with Chip and Dale

But this my friends is her twin, Shelby Steerman. She's a good egg that hangs out with Bryce and Jeffy sometimes. No taste. Anyways That is the first doppelganger we have here.

The second is my bishop. His name is Bishop Mullenaux and i like him alot. The third time i saw him he came up and said "Hello Race. How Are Ya? And Why Don;t You Go By Connor?" he recognized me out of 300 kids and not only that he talked to me and remebered my first midle and last name and that i was in his ward. This was the 3rd day. I was very impressed and so far he is that great all the time. He does however bear a stiking resemblance to former Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. Observe.

Now granted these pictures aren't too great and don't fully represent his huckocity. They are quite blurry because i shot them from the hip at the blood drive so he wouldn't see me.

The Blood Drive Scene

These be the folks that sucked my blood

And this is Bryce and Shelby waiting to get sucked dry


Kates said...

Your bishop sounds like a great guy! So cool he remembered your names. I love that!

Kathleen said...

I see the Huckabee - not Jessica though. Not even close. Sounds like your bishop is exceptional! Gotta love a guy like that! I can't even remember my 6 kids names, let alone 300 strangers!

The Stoners said...

Doesn't look like Jessica to me, but the Bishop does for sure!!! Looks like you are having way to much fun!! Your bishop sounds great... love it!

Smiths said...

I'm glad you fully saw Devon...not just partially.

Linds said...

WOW your bishop looks a LOT like Huckabee! That's crazy! Sounds like he's awesome.