Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Calling and some Balling

Ok so i have nothing too terribly funny, interesting, or exciting to write about but pressure from outsde sources has made me update. And because this post is contrived and not very interesting don't mock me for its content.

I did get a calling in Mount Graham 2nd Ward. I am a "Dad" in a home teaching group. I have a "wife" named Chloe who is very nivce and we are the leaders of a family of about 20 from our ward. Its funny cause i'm in charge of six or seven returned missionaries and i'm four or so years younger than them. But anyways monday was our first meeting and all the families met in the church and got split up and stuff. When the kids came in they all "randomly" got a "random" number 1 2 3 4 or 5 to determine which group they were in. I say "random" cause some money may have changed hands at the door so that certain females made their way magically into...ahem...certain groups. But from now on we have seperate monday night home evenings at a host familys house. Our host? Dave Matthews!;
ok so maybe he isn't the melodic crooner rock star dave matthews. as a matter of fact he resembles wilford brimley more than dave matthews.

Also recently i've been spending a lot of time in the library studying and stuff. And when i was in there a couple days ago i got the hankerin to watch The Shawshank Redemption (its on cable all the time catch it if you've never seen it) which is a great flick. But of course i don't have it and if i did it would have to be edited and even then i couldn't watch it in the library. But then i remebered that its based off of a short story by steven king. so i went and found it and started reading. its only 100 pages so i finished it in two days or so just reading when i went in (never checking it out). Let me just say that i would love to recomend this book to you ONLY IF:

you aren't grossed out by graphic descriptions of violence.

if descriptions of violent homosexual acts wouldn't ruffle your feathers.

and if you aren't bothered by extremely accurate representations of prison language

so admittedly it might not have been a very prudent choice of reading material as far as virtuosity goes but homosexuals attempt to rape angels in the bible and heads are being cut off everyewhere in the Book of Mormon. Yes i know its all rationalization but let me tell you that RITA HAYWORTH AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION is one of only two books to bring me to tears. Its message is one of the most beautiful things i have ever read and i am not ashamed to admit that i shed nigh on two tears in the EAC library i was so touched. Here is the heart of the book;

Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing,

maybe the best of things

and no good thing ever dies. Andy Dufresne

There are some things no one can take from you. They are in your head and in your heart. No matter how much joy is sucked from your life, or how much agony you may be called to bear still in your mind you are free. The darkest prison cell can't take away your light. The power of music, beauty and your own will to survive can never be destroyed and though you be cast into the crushing blackness of the jaws of Lucifer (or maybe its just a stressful day) you are, in the end, a person. and every person has something about them that seperates them from the animals. it is the light of Christ, it is a conscience, it is called many things. It is well summed up as; HOPE.


Rylee said...

Good post Racer. Shawshank is for sure one of my favorites. I don't think I'll be reading the book anytime soon though, most of those things you mentioned from the book would indeed "ruffle my feathers."

Kathleen said...

The edited version of the movie is enough for me but lets get honest is there a better friendship EVER than Red and Andy Dufrane?!? Makes me cry a little too thinkin about their reunion in ..... wherever, can't ever pronounce the darn thing. And the warden might be the devil himself!!!
p.s. I miss Dodger terribly!!!

Kates said...

Good movie I will agree and I won't be reading that anytime soon either. I have too many late nights alone at home, I have to read happy uplifting things! How is the poem coming?