Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damn Right

Damn Right

They say that its a man's best friend, and I say thats damn right.
Cause you show me a fish or bird who'll stay up with me when i'm sick at night
You show me the house cat that would follow me to the gates of Hell
There isn't animal on this Earth that I like half as well
It was Lassie that always saved young Timmy; Dan and Little Ann fought the fight
I guess you could say we American's love our dogs, all right

And I am no exception, I'm a dog man through and through
I guess if you owned a dog like mine you would be one too
For I saw Chantz at Grandpa's pond fall into the water
And when he came out, there was ol' Dodger, looking like a concerned father
For three or four years after that Chantz couldn't go out on the dock
For Dodger was there, standing in his way, solid as a rock

And when I'd head out to the hills, valley, stream or mountain side
You can bet that there in my truck, Dodge was along for the ride
But even though he's been all over, the farm was his favorite place to be
And I think its downright poetic that that was the last thing he got to see
Because one bright and sunny day in beautiful early September
I came home and found a dog that I did not remember

The dog I knew was keen and happy, as healthy as he was tall
But this sick, blind, lame, huddled thing was not my dog at all
He found himself a corner and was gonna curl up and die
It was time, too he was in poor shape couldn't even use his right eye
He had become the unfortunate shell of the dog he used to be
But when I arrived he managed the strength to wag his tail for me

He couldn't walk up to the truck, so I lifted him and put him inside
And there in is beloved pickup I took him for his last ride
When we got to ol' grandpa's house I looked at him and I could see
A look that said “my old friend, if you love me take this pain from me”
So I did my friend a favor, after these years it was the least that I could do
And quick and clean and just like that his awful pain was through

Now I don't know if this is true and please don't tell me if its not
But I believe that my dear Lord has set aside a spot
Its beautiful there; open spaces as far as the eye can see
Its a place my merciful and loving God would make for my old friend to be
Cause if God made man that he might have joy and we live after we die
Then for me to be happy there is a place where all good dogs go to run wild

Sometimes I miss him and wish he was with me here
But he's busy in a place where the rabbits are slow and its summertime all year
Where little boys don't leave for school; they stay home all day
There is no dog-catcher and there is always room and time enough to play
Now that may not be the truth but it makes alotta sense to me
And as far as I'm concerned thats the way its gonna be

Now here I am crying over a dog, I must be quite a sight
They say that its a man's best friend, I say thats damn right


Kates said...

Ok I am sobbing. What a great poem racer. You are amazing. We all miss dodge, but thank heaven he isn't suffering any more.

Chelsee said...

I'm crying too, you did a good job. Dodge was a good buddy. BTW I got him June 3, 1998 for anyone who was wondering. I was a year off. he was exactly 10 years old.

Kathleen said...

absolutel amazing! crying like a baby!!!

Smiths said...

I remember the day he joined the family.

Smiths said...

The Gleaves gave him to you didn't they?

The Stoners said...

Crying like a baby, that was awesome race!!!

Rylee said...

So good Racer, I am crying too, and I didn't even like/appreciate him till AFTER I left home. I'm so glad he's not sick anymore.

Mamma Martin said...

Damn Right!!!!!!

Mamma Martin said...

I just read it again--a true masterpiece, Race!!!

Kates said...

Tom read it last night when he got home and said he was fighting off the tears. It is a good one racer.

Sherrod and Sarah said...

I am bawling race. so sorry to hear about your good friend. I have one of those too, and I am afraid that day is coming soon. What a beautiful poem, it honors him.

Robin said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your best friend.

Linds said...

I didn't even know, and now I'm crying! Losing a dog stinks like crazy. The poem is amazing Race.