Friday, September 19, 2008


So this is officially my celebratory post for my new little hero Lowee. She is fully walking and if she could eat it i would take her out and buy her a steak. Not to nip the doctors but here is the list of things they said she probably couldn't do (if you had forgotten);
1) Live (put that in your pipe and smoke it science)
2) Hear
3) See
4) Walk (again with the smoking)
She is a miracle! She works so hard and i know she gets worn out so katie she had better get whatever the hell she wants after her theapy sessions. I love you lowis and i can't wait to see you walk in person. Now if your mom doesn't give you what you want you tell her that uncle race will be hearing about it.


Rylee said...

I know!!! I can't stop watching the video!

Kates said...

Ha ha, she gets whatever she wants all day long, who are we kidding! She is spoiled. And when I don't give her what she wants (aka M&M's) her sister does, I find the 2 of them hiding with mouthfuls and just giggling!

Chelsee said...

She is our own little miracle! You are such a proud Uncle...I love it!