Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Concert

Oh! Hello there! This week has been and still is insane. As i sit here in my room typing, the rain is drumming on the window and madison is laying on my bed. Here is a look at the last few days.

First of all i did go to that concert. I was getting all planned to go and while finding a place to stay i was laboring under the pre-concieved notion that ashlee's house was right by the arena and that markee's house was way way way across the valley from there. This, however, is not the case. Markee and Ashlee live twenty minutes away from each other and neither is very close to the concert. I didn't know this and asked ashlee if she would be kind enough to let me stay with her, Of course she said yes but was probably a bit confused as to why i wan't staying with markee. Markee found out i was staying with ashlee instead of her and didn't know why i wanted to stay with ashlee when she was just around the corner. Anyway we got it sll straightend out; Thanks for being willing ash i thought you were by the venue, thanks for letting me stay markee, i don't hate you or anything.

I arrived at the concert to a disconcerting sight.I had acidentally purchased a ticket up in the high section where you have an assigned row and you sit in a seat (lame). I meant to buy a general admission ticket which is where they let you into the open area right infront of the stage and you stand the whole time (much cooler). I, however did not have the pink wristband that indicated that i had bought that kind of ticket and therefore was allowed in the pit area. WIthout that pink wristband i was stuck up in the seats with the goobers. I had to get a pink writsband or find a way to get down there without it. As i sat there pondering my perdicament when i happend to look down at my backpack. When i came in the door they checked my bag. To mark a bag that is checked they put an orange tag on it to say it is safe and legal. Orange. The building blocks of my brain began to make a plan. If i could get the orange bracelet off the bag maybe it could pass as pink. I began pulling on the top handle loop of the bag trying to tear it off. After about ten minutes of pulling, biting, and stabbing with a pencil, i finally got the strap broken and slipped off the ornage band. i slid it on to my wrist and went down to the ticket checker. It was dark, loud, crowded and best of all there was a light show going on; he saw a neon wristband and just waved me past. I was in! So i enjoyed the concert on my feet, ten feet from the stage.

The concert was good. I went mostly for the band dashboard confessional but the other band, Panic! at the disco, was very good. It was an unusaully loud concert. 48 hours later and my ears were still ringing. But i had a pretty good time and i'm glad i went. However, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Choosing to go to this concert meant i lost class and library time during the week to write the 7 page paper i have due for class on monday. "ill do it on friday" i said to myself. Well i didn't have school on friday and was still a little worn out from the show and i slept until noon. Then i went to the fair that night. "saturday ill do it" i said. well here we are on saturday and the library is closed for some random reason today and here i sit blogging during a storm. there isn't much i can do about it so i just say "the library closes at eleven pm in sunday night". Here are some shots from the concert.
This is Chris Carraba, the lead singer from Dashboard. They put on a pretty wicked show.


Chelsee said...

It sounds like fun! I hope you get your paper done!

Kathleen said...

Glad you had a good time but grades are most important!!! Although whipping out a 7 pager is a piece of cake for you!

Smiths said...

I don't know how fast you drive but I can not get to Markee's in 20 minutes!!! :) jk jk...but seriously...and may I say that Chris was smart in not wearing that hat until he had fans because if he would have always been wearing that I wouldn't have liked them nearly as has to go.

Kates said...

So glad you got to stay at Markee's and see your new little nephew. It was good to see you. I hope that paper got written!