Saturday, October 4, 2008

Institute Dance

So this was a few weeks ago but there was a costume institute dance. it was supposed to be high school sterotype costumes; jock, nerd, prom queen, cowboy ect. It was cool everyone showed up in funny costumes and had a good time. me and matt had the best costumes ever though. we didn't know what to go as. at first i thought i would go as a nerd; i would just have to wear a tie and vest and glasses and act awkward. then i realized that i had worn that exact thing to school that day. so besides depressing me a bit that didn't get me any nearer to a costume. matt didn't know what to do either so we were randomly going through the closets looking for cool stuff when we found; THE DIVESUITS

The platts do some scuba diving and they had two matching divesuits in our sizes. they were basically underarmour head to toe used as protetion against jellyfish. well in two shakes of a platapus paw we were in them and ready to go. we went to walmart and found all the necessary accoutraments and we were set.

This is us swimming: notice the caps, goggles, noseplugs and concentration.

We had to get nametags and so we wrote michael phelps and michael phelps 2 on them. i guess we were jocks...or something....heck we just wanted to wear them suits. We were the hit of the party and won for best costume. but now i'm sometimes called "that kid that dressed like a swimmer." oh well.


Rylee said...

You guys are nuts.

Kates said...

That is so cool. You guys are so much fun!

The Stoners said...

That is awesome! I'm sure you are famous at EA!