Monday, October 20, 2008

A telegram from your favorite fighting Gila Monster....

Eldridge almost escaped...twice Stop
Sister Platt doesn't know i have Eldridge Stop
I have 6 (yes, 6) tests tommorow alone Stop
The freshman fifteen is not a myth Stop
I just got a home teaching assignment Stop
Photography class- still a drag Stop
This is all i have time for Stop
I wish life could slow down just a tad Stop
Then i could go take pictures Stop
Right now i just want my professors to stop Stop
That last stop was a confusing stop Stop
Thats twice i've ended a sentence with stop stop Stop.
Someone please make me...stop.



Kathleen said...

I am laughing right out loud bud! Holy cow you are funny! But please tell me Sister Platt knows about Eldridge!!! If not tell her and then dispose of the vermin if she doesn't want him there. Good luck on your tests!

Tina said...

Race, stop!!! You're killing me!

Kates said...

I needed a good laugh! You kill me. Let us know how your tests are!

Mamma Martin said...

You make be laugh sooooo hard! I like to end my day reading your mog!! thanks!!!

Markee said...

laughing out loud!! Sister Platt would die if she knew you had him1 Did you give her the birth announcement?

Chelsee said...

you are a goof ball. Hope all your tests go good.

Rylee said...

The word stop looks completely foreign to me now.

Linds said...

Have I ever told you you are my favorite person ALIVE?!