Monday, November 24, 2008

Its 10:00 do you know where your Second Amendment is?

So first off here are some pictures from when matt and i took some matresses out into the vast thatcherian (?) desert and were going to watch a movie with some people....but matt's laptop wasn't charged. So we ended up just looking at the stars, still fun.
And here is some really awesome news. i texted mom and asked: "How would you feel if i exercised my second ammendment rights today?" I found a gun that i had been looking for; it was at a good price and right at my finger tips. its called an SKS which is russian for Sryhghtcyc Kalkistorycgh Salyrkrsk which roughtly translated means pretty sweet surplus russian rifle. The cold war was cold cause no rifles were fired. If it had been the HOT war and russia had given the U.S. the ol' 1 2 these would have been the rifles of choice. But alas it never happened so there are a lot of military versions of this rifle from Yugoslavia, China Russia ect. They are a fairly high powered rifle shooting a`7.62x39 round. Basically a little less pwerfull than your average deer-rifle. but i am 18 and i marched in and bought it and marched out (i got to walk 2 blocks down old main st. in safford with a rifle!). its a good purchase and i am glad i will have it when i get home from the mish...cause by then (under 2 years of obama-nation) guns and ammo will be outta sight expensive.

That is the ol rifle, the legal documentation showing i own it legally, a few boxes of ammo and the keys to the gun cabinent. This rifle is the granddaddy of the AK-47.

This is the guy who sold it to me. Just kidding. but seriously that is very similar to the rifle i bought.

Just to put my sisters and mom's (and anyone else's) minds at ease here are the precautions i have taken not to kill myself or someone else with this rifle;

i keep it under lock and key and bro. platts eye in a locked gun closet

i store ammo in another part of the house (like my grandpappy taught me)

i only take it out to fight the russian-cuban invasion force (WOLVERINES!!)

i will promise to keep the safety on when taking it to assault weapon ban conventions (this rifle was on the top of the list of weapons impacted by the Clinton assault weapons ban that ran out a few months ago)

so all of you who would comment on this post and say BE CAREFULL!!!!! (talking to you mom and sisters and ashlee and everyone) how about we write CABBAGE. its less lame and a cool word. so i will cabbage and have fun i promise. WOLVERINES!!!!


Kathleen said...


Rylee said...

LOL! I was about to put the exact same thing as mom did! PLEASE don't bring it home for Thanksgiving. I almost hyperventilate around guns, I hate them. I seriously don't want to see it, and I don't Ryder anywhere near it. CAAAABAAAAGE!

Kates said...

Cool purchase if you like that kinda thing. I do not and I am grateful that Tom doesn't like them either. I bet he would like to shoot it though, ha ha. Cabbage anyway.

reece said...

pff hope it helps you take and/or post more pictures to this frighteningly "sweet photo" barren blog, and don't accidentally shoot any ducks ya nut.

Big Bro-in-law Reece-to-the-tizzle-k Yo, Yo peace out and all that jazz.

reece said...

I don't know what happened there just kept typing. It was like that part of your brain that tells you to stop talking just stopped working and I kept going, weird how that happens oh well.

Tina said...


Chelsee said...

Daniel thinks it cool! CABBAGE!

Smiths said...

I prefer lettuce.

Smiths said...

Also, did Emily Bo-decker turn into Matt? Weird.

Linds said...

I think its sweet! Then again, I have no children to exercise that part of my brain that's supposed to worry about things like guns.

Chelsee said...

Your gun is welcome at my place any time. If you need a home for it when you are on your mission I think I can find one. Let me know.