Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Post After The Post About Chinchillas

So grandpa sherwood says "never let college get in the way of your education''. Here are some of the things that i have learned that college couldn't ever provide:
  • Urination in a kilt is a timely, embarassing, and difficult process requiring dexterity, focus and no self respect whatever.
  • Arby's Chicken Shakers with Buffalo sauce are a delicious morsel of deliciousness that fill me with delciocity. I hightly recomend you try one.
  • Saying "oh ya i worked at a mortuary for a year" is not the best way to impress the beautiful women here at the EAC.
  • EAC does not stand for Eastern Austrailian Current like it does on Finding Nemo. Eastern Arizona College. Who knew.
  • Eating an otter pop while in the shower is not only happens; and its awesome.
  • 'Country manners' as i have heard them called here are not universally shared and apparently impress those who don't use them or don't see them often. Holding the door for girls, taking your hat off, saying yes ma'am no ma'am and firm handshakes are lady-killers. Who knew.
  • Hours at the institute will make you fairly adept at playing pool.
  • Free food is to be found at the following locations: complete strangers wedding receptions, business grand openings, and the Dairy Queen in Safford (if you play your cars right with the teenage girls that work there: see the ''yes ma'am no ma'am'' section above).
  • You still have tithing setlement at college.
  • 10% of zero is zero
  • Coffee Creamer powder is flamable. Seriously.
  • Mice make excellent pets for college students who need a constant in an enviornment of change
  • Matt Platt kills mice
  • i enjoy making lists of things

You show me the college class where that can be learned


Rylee said...

Your posts are so funny and well written that I always have a hard time coming up with a comment, because I don't have a way with words like you do! Just keep the posts coming!

Kathleen said...

Again, made me laugh, made my day and I agree with Ry. I think you could make a good living with your writing!!!!

Jayderaid said...

I enjoy when you make lists of things. Very nice list :)

Tina said...

Why I love and admire Race:
1) He's my nephew.
2) He's persuing an education.
3) He has a clue about what's going on in this nation.
4) He obviously loves his neices and nephews.
5) He has a 'way' with the girls.
6) I'm not sure what that 'way' is.
7) I'm sure it's appropriate though, at least by some standard.
8) He has standards and lives by them.
9) I'm not sure what those standards are. JK
10) Oh wait, he's hi-larias and makes awesome lists! His mog makes my day!

reece said...

good post no pictures though and you misspelled a word.

Chelsee said...

I still can't get over the kilt thing! Someday you will be embarassed!

Kates said...

The 10% of zero is zero is awesome, we have had many of those tithing settlements. Enjoy it while you can. Grandpa needs to read this.

Smiths said...

Not bad.