Sunday, December 7, 2008

Naked Hippies

So i didn't really take any pictures of our adventure on Friday night. We started to head out to the hot tubs at daly estates. Daly estates is in Thatcher about five minutes from matt's house. We got there and what to our wondering eyes should appear but naked hippies. Naked hippies sometimes take over the hot tubs. They always invite us to join. We never do.

So we abandoned our Daly Estates adventures and wanted to go the hot tubs out east of safford. We went out to this place called the hot wells dunes. Its a big sand dune area where lots of people ride 4-wheelers and there are some hotspring fed hot tubs. It took about forty minutes to get there but the hot tubs out there are maintined and tile and stuff. The one in daly estates looks like a stone cattle trough. We arrived at the Hot wells one and found more naked men enjoying themselves. We waited for them to be done (which took forever) and then we went to the hot tub (and i cannot stress this enough) armed with Chlorine tablets. We wanted to kill all the naked hippie bacteria.

We soaked for a few hours and then decided to head in it was a great time and everyone had fun. Karen included.

I didn't take this picture, we went at about two a.m. but this is what they look like. They are fed with completely natural hot springs from the ground.


Kathleen said...

That looks like so much fun. I would love to sit in there - germ free mind you. Glad Karen had fun! Will she go with you again any time soon?

Rylee said...

Glad you had fun, very glad this post didn't include pictures of the naked hippies. I was a little nervous when I saw the title!

Kates said...

i ditto ryles

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

they must have been visiting from Flagstaff

Dan said...

I'm glad my sister had a good time too! And race, "Naked men enjoying themselves"? Really race? I find your choice of words less than amusing. haha :)