Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't let school get in the way of your education....

So i started out this semester anticipating a healthy course load of 17 credits. That's fair. Then i found out the poetry class i wanted to take was not going to work out. Thats ok. 15 credits. Not horrible. Then my Marriage and the Family sociology class was scheduled the same as another of my classes. Had to drop it. I went down to 12 credits. hehehe still enrolled and eligible for scholarships and school housing but.....barely. Thats ok though....this is my last semester before my mission so i decided to augment my scant schedule by substituting institute for some secular studies. Because some of my EA courses fell through why not fill the time with Institute courses.

By the way I attend the Gila Valley Instute of Religion for LDS Studies.

So my eccleseastical studies now include:
  • Seminar- This is a weekly meeting of the entire institute. A big sunday school if you will. Its considered manditory.
  • Devotional- Basically seminar, without sunday dress, and including a guest speaker rather than a lesson.
  • Mission Preperation- Obviously a course on mission prep. Taught by Brother Beus. "THE IN-STE-TOOT" That didn't make sense unless you go here. Ya. Brother Beus is sos great! If i had to compare him to an apostle i would pick Elder Packer. If i had to compare him to an animal i would definately pick a toad.
  • Parables of Christ- This is a really amazing class taught by brother halverson. if i had to compare him to an institute teacher i would pick brother halverson. If i had to pick a vegetable i would pick asparagus.
  • Book of Mormon- Taught by Brother Wright. He is the institute director. He is an amazing man. everyone loves him. If i had to compare him to an apostle it would be Elder Bednar. If i had to compare him to a fictionalized version of an actual Army Major depicted by Damian Lewis in an emmy award winning mini-series about WW2 i would probably pick Dick Winters. (anyone? anyone? no one? reece? maybe?)
  • Teachings of the living Prophets. I haven't formally registered for this class but i think i will take it. You review one of the apostles a week for 12 weeks. It sounds really wonderful.

I figured i would let you all in. By the way to my mother and sisters, i specify the fact i go to EAC institute and other such things because it has come to my attention that there are at least a few readers out there who are not my family. Complete stangers to me in some cases actually. I would love to hear from you people by the way.

Also, i started reading Jesus the Christ. It is an 800 page chronology and analysis of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed, daunting and also extemely intersting. It was written by James E Talmage and contains words like: Opprobrious Incipiency Abrogation Paschal Anteluvial. Yep. I started a week ago and i have already read 260 pages of it. It really is hard to put down.


Rylee said...

Reece is going to be proud of you for reading Jesus The Christ. I know Reece took the Living Prophets class at UVSC and totally loved it, so I hope you take that one for sure.

Robin said...

Race, I enjoy reading your comments; you're quite humorous!!! I would love to take some credit for your writing ability, but in reality I think you have mastered it on your own! :)

Kathleen said...

Another great, interesting, entertaiing post bud! See you Friday!

Kates said...

I think you are a pretty amazing freshman student racer. Proud to be your big sister. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you. And I guess I can't wait to see you on Friday, Mom says you are coming home too. Awesome!

Jayderaid said...

I wish I was going home on friday. Race I'm really impressed you are taking so many institute classes! They all sound really amazing. Jesus the Christ kinda makes my head hurt when I try to read it.... some day I'll be able to. Love the post bud, miss you a lot.

Tina said...

The living prophets class is a must. At least at the Springfield Institute of Religion it was awesome. But the real question is---are you really taking all those institute classes to learn the gospel and prepare for a mission or are there just cute girls in all of them. Just a thought.

I wish I could read and understand all those big words and be unable to put the book down. But, I do really well with the illustrated scripture books. :)

Chelsee said...

I love the way you compare your teachers to food, I think I can picture "Mr. Asparagus" Perfectly! Love ya Bud!

Linds said...

Will you PLEASE do something that involves writing as a career? You can never stop, ever. I don't know if I've ever read your blog and NOT laughed out loud.

When I read Jesus the Christ, I circled all the words I didn't know and wrote the definitions in the margin. Needless to say it took me a lot of time! I don't think there's a single page that doesn't have at least one definition. I want to have that kind of vocabulary some day!!