Sunday, January 11, 2009

Early to Bed and Early to Rise...but not at EAC

So i am loving how much dorm life (even more so than when i lived off campus) is completely sympathetic to the plight of the college student. I eat all my meals in the cafeteria now (affectionately called "the eat place" by many) and the food is actually quite good. It generally consists of a well coordinated, compatible array of foods on Monday (mashed potatoes, corn, roll, chicken) but in between monday and friday the other meals become conglomerated/incorperated (inglorprepated?) into the meal. So friday's lunch spread looks something like: a sub sandwhich with scrambled eggs, french fries, terriaki chicken, gravy (no potatoes), some sort of pasta and hamburger buns. Just the buns. But other than that its good food and i like it. but here is the best part. Breakfast isn't served until 11:30 on the weekends! Ha! College kids get up at 8 after friday night parties? No way! Not only does the college accept this, it embraces it. Also the library is open to 10:30 or some such ridiculous hour. Haha late night study....Condoned! Other such examples exist but my research team went on strike.

Also the earliest church is much later than your average ward meeting time, the latest time (mine) is at 1:30. That means i can sleep til noon, get breakfast when i wake up. And still have an hour til church. Thats what i'm doing now. Just chillin in the dorm room. I have many future posts about this beautiful place known as Nelly Lee Hall, and they are doozies.

Ah yes i also met my roommate. It took about three days but we finally spoke. His name is chris he is from Window Rock and he went on his mission to Paraguay. We are the only two LDS kids in this whole dorm that i know of (I told you the stories are gonna be good) and yet we got put together. Like i said i didn't turn in my info sheet so housing didn't know i was LDS. But we got put together anyway. he's a pretty chill kid. Very tidy. I think my slovenly manner slightly annoys him (and i'm not even that unkempt). (By the way I am apparently over using parenthesis (a parenthesis is something that looks like this().)) And yes that last sentence is puctuatorily (?) correct.

I have to speak in Sacrament meeting today. The entire FHE committee does. I was asked to speak on advice for the coming semester. I'm pretty excited.

What is that? you ask. Why am i excited? Well i should be excited to share my testimony and feelings with my ward members. But in reality? you ask. Well i get to introduce myself to the new girls coming for spring semester in style. In a suit. At a pulpit. Oh ya.

This is what happens when i don't have a clear idea of what i want to say when i sit down to blog. i just ramble. Usually i have the entire thing completely written out to the last detail in my mind. Not this time. This is the first time i've done this. Feel free to leave at any time.

Do you ever wonder why its a penny for your thoughts but you have to put your two cents in?

Someone is making a penny.

I plan on taking pictures/video of my dorm room/building in the future. But not yet. No energy.

If you melt dry ice can you swim without getting wet?

OK i must stop before someone gets hurt. If you are still reading this you are either

  1. My mother.
  2. Very Bored.
  3. My very bored mother.
  4. Lost. You took a wrong turn at wikipedia avenue. Head back toward google bulevard.
  5. Starved for entertainment since "Oprah" isn't on. Talking to you, Rylee.

Well goodbye all i must get ready for church.


Kates said...

Window Rock roommy huh? That could be intersting. Cafeteria food might make you fat, just so you know. You could use a few pounds though buddy. I like it when you ramble! Can't wait to here the posts about the dorm, last night when Tom and I were on the way home from the temple I said, "I hope Race has a new post!" You totally have me hooked ot reading this blog. Maybe someday it can be a newspaper or magazine article.

Jen said...

Definitely starved for entertainment . . . so I came to you, Race! You've always got something entertaining to share! I love it!

Chelsee said...

I like this one too, but a picture every now and then wouldn't hurt!

reece said...


The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Plus your room mate turned you in to Bishop Justice and now you're in my ward. Hah!

Rylee said...

Loved the post, and not just cuz I didn't have an Oprah to watch!

Kathleen said...

Again, laughter outloud! You are so funny and at 5:00 AM I am not bored just up and kind of awake! Can't wait to read the next one and see pictures! Bring your roommate home for a visit!

Mamma Martin said...

Or---your Aunt Tonna who is interested in everything you say and always looking for a good laugh!!!