Friday, January 16, 2009

So i heard the pleas of those who read, and they were asking for pictures. And so being a bum i decided to upload about 15 of them. They are a random smattering of dorm pictures. This is my great friend tanner in his 3rd story palace. ya he's moving on a deluxe apartment in the sky. he lives in the building next to me.
This is my building. My back is to tanner and bryan's buildng.

This is a a prime example of the type of window swag common at nellie lee. These have been up since day one.

This is another next to mine. Sure bob marley and heinekin are great but i decided to blow some today i hung up....

Boo Ya! Haha if you eat in the cafeteria you have to walk by and see these.
This is the bathroom. Three stalls, five sinks and three showers. There is one for each floor.

Yes indeed this appears to be a prison toilet. Well i sorta live in a prison.

This is the shower. Its great i suppose. There are three showers. It sorta stinks cause you have to carry all your stuff to the shower, use it and then carry it back. Lame.
This is the hall. Like i said, prison. The door on the left with the light coming out of it is the bathroom
This is a birds-eye-view of our dorm room.
This is my bed and desk. Notice how great my matching brown sheets are with my blanket from T-Croz. Thanks Tami! The bad part is these sheets are new and i didn't wash them before i used them and so they are so very scratchy.
And this is Chris Brown's bed. I forgot to take a picture of him. Oh well.
I know these pictures don't compete with Rylee's baby pics but i do what i can. Also last night i went ninja-ing. yes thats right. i was going to blog it but it is being covered at Tanner and Bryan's blog. You should hop over there and read the story. comment as well. ya.


Kates said...

I am heading right over to Tanner and Bryan's blog. The pictures are great. The dorm reminds me of my semester in Nauvoo. Carrying stuff to the shower stinks. I love the pictures in the window. Made me laugh out loud. Such a contrast! You are awesome.

Chelsee said...

I love the pictures. I don't think I am cut out for Dorm life. Good Luck!

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

I love how there is a picture of Chris's bed, but not one of Chris.

Rylee said...

Thanks for the update! My curiosity has been satisfied a bit. Although I would like to know which EXACT toilet you use - since you use the same one everytime. I'm headed over to Bryan and Tanner's blog!

Rylee said...

Last comment was mom's.

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Furthermore, you live in the EAC equivalent of Hufflepuff. No offense or anything. It beats Slytherin (Mark Allen)

Jann said...

Thanks for posting pictures. You are in the dorm that Uncle Craig and I lived in for an entire year. Brought back some good memories. Yes, the showers really stunk. It was a pain. I love the pictures you put up. Way to go. Things have changed there. No way would we have seen heineken hanging from a window.