Friday, January 30, 2009


So i finally got wireless internet in my dorm. Before this i was having to go to the institute to blog or do anything online. But now it is in my room. That means more time to blog. I here by make a promise:

  • As a result of this new interweb access, I promise I will blog more often.

I told you all about my scanty course load here at EAC. I felt kinda like a slacker and supplemented with institute courses. We've been through this. However what i am now coming to realize is maybe my semester isn't going to be such a breeze after all. I am taking Enlgish 102. I knew going into this class that it was a very difficult writing class. In 102 you have a ten page paper due that cites and i quote my English professor, Mr. Raines "60 or so sources" hells bells right? Anyway i had already girded up my loins for that and was mentally if not scholastic prepared for it. I also enrolled in Public Speaking.

I was really excited for public speaking and figured it would be a good fit for me. However, i have come to find out that Public Speaking is an intensive writing class, alot of writing to be done. Also my World of Music course is a big writing class. Now i love to write but the way i choose to do things when it comes to composing is a bit different than what lots of teachers encourage in writing. I can't outline very rigidly. for example. Its called writing, not thinking. You sit and write, you don't bore yourslef to death structuring it, you just do it. Thats how i do things. And so although i am looking forward to writing alot i am also scared that my habits/style will result in a rough semester for myself and the academic appeals committee. Also, because of this load i have to lug laboriously i have made a goal, a promise to myself if you will, that will help me have more time for composition of my many many papers:

  • Blog less often.

  • Say sorry to the people with whom i break truces.


2 Timothy 3:2 (but not all of it, o'course)

Also this is a pic of Chris Brown (my roommate) on his mission.


Rylee said...

NOOOOO! Your blog is the reason I get up every morning. Ok, not really but I LOVE it when you post something new! I know, just post the papers you write! I love reading your papers anyway!

Kathleen said...

You HAVE to post! You are my entertainment. Chantz doesn't come home after school because of practice which leaves me alone A LONG time during the day. I check your blog several times throughout hoping to see something new!!!!

ps. Loved the picture of your roommate. Seems like I should know him from somewhere.

Jann said...

Blogging more, yippee, wait I'm confused, did you say more or less. I really enjoy reading your mog.

Kates said...

Chris Brown.....sounds like a white guy from Eagar. Doesn't look like that however. I agree with Ryles you need to post the papers you are writting. You must blog! It truely is a highlight!