Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrath and Retribution from Above

So i would like to tell you the story about how i was punished.

Every sunday a group of kids from the institute goes to the nursing home and sings for the poeple there. I have gone every week since i was introduced to it. You feel great afterward and the people are so interesting and appreciative. We have a saying in our little group that if we can get a person to come once they will come every week. Its very uplifting and exactly the type of act i would like to found doing at the last day. Anyway this sunday I decided to go, but i was going to slip out about halfway through to go to Matt's house to watch the superbowl. Not exactly a great excuse, but i rationalized it by saying that i haden't seen or hung out with Matt in almost 2 weeks (which was true) and so i should sing for a while but then go to matts.

When i was ready to go i slipped out the door and walked to my car. My esape was foiled, however, because my keys were locked inside my car.

Great. So i ran inside and asked my friend Curtis, who had driven there if i could take his car back to my dorm to grab my extra key and be back before they needed to leave. He gave me his keys and off i went in his car. I got a little way down the road and realized that my dorm key was in my car. I turned around and went back and found Chris in the nursing home and took his key of his ring and headed back to the dorm. After the 10 minute drive i pulled up to the dorm. i ran to the front door.....i pulled out chris' key......i stuck it in the key hole......wait......its not going doen't fit.......i had taken his P.O. box key. Why? cause i'm a stupid awkward person who can't draw.

Off i went at the speed of anger. Back the 10 minutes to the nursing home. In a borrowed car. With out a spare key to my car but with a P.O. Box key. I pulled up and resigned to just finish the singing with them. All i wanted was to sing and yet to watch the superbowl and eat some of the pizza bites matt had bought. After we were done singing i had to break the news to the 4 people who rode with me that we had to find another way home. Only there wasn't room in any of the cars. So a kid named scott was able to drive me and chris back to the dorm. The passengers of my car waited at the nursing home. We got back, got the key and then drove back to the place in chris' car. By the time i got back I had made Wendy and Tanner and Chris late for dinner and i know chris didn't get to eat and i'm not sure about the others.

After we were all back at campus i left for matt's superbowl party. I got there at halftime. I sat down, relieved to be done with my problems and grabbed one of the mini-pizza bite i had been coveting. I bit, and the burning of Beelzebub's brimstone bellows filled my mouth. I burned the living **** out of my mouth. I still can't taste much. Its been 2 whole days.

So that ladies and gentlemen is what happens when you skip out on serving your fellow men to watch the steelers win.

Also i got called to be a sunday school teacher. I'm very excited. I got set apart on sunday and the guy who had his hands directly on my head (bro. stevens methinks) said afterwards "You have soft hair". I really didn't know what to say. So i said "you're welcome."


Kathleen said...

Seriously Race you make me laugh so hard! The "you're welcome" comment made me burst out loud! So darn funny!
So... what class do you teach? Gospel Doctrine??? You will do great and have to study which will benefit you in a few months when that is ALL you will be doing! Again, you made my day!

Kates said...

Tears are coming down my face. The soft hair your welcome comment are truely making me die laughing. Gospel Doctrine Teacher ise awesome! You will love it. I have done it twice and both times was scared but it has been my favorite calling! You will be great!

Chelsee said...

I am laughing out loud! Sorry about all your troubles, but at least you know you have soft hair!

Linds said...

Laughing out loud yet again. You are too quick! Have I told you lately that I love you?! (that was from the song)

Rylee said...

Full tears once I read the your welcome comment. Seriously hillarious.

Jayderaid said...

I'm sorry your keys were stuck in your car.. that's the worst... happens to me a lot! I'm sad the steelers won. I'm sure you can draw you just need to practice. Your going to be a great sunday school teacher! your welcome.

Markee said...

Holy crap I think I wet my pants!!! You really do have soft hair though!

Smiths said...

I'm with Mark. Your hair is quite soft. Possibly the softest.

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Brother Stevens is a very observant fellow.