Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Professor Raines/Tally Hall

Once again sorry about my lack of posting. The virus which inflicted horrors upon my computer earlier was bound for a while; it was then loosed for a season. In that season it managed to completely destroy my computer. It wont even turn on. Single tear down my cheeck. Anyhoo i will be back to full blogging capacity in a few days hopefully. But my English professor/high councilor/devotional guest speaker/fellow 3 amigos enthusiast spoke to the institute today and i have a bit of whimsey to pass from you to him. Speaking on eternal relationships he said:
Gentlemen, when looking for a wife, try and find a woman who has both a
compassion for service and a helathy sense of humor. For looking around the
room at you all, she will need a great deal of both.

Ouch. He is great. He is very very intelligent and also a great teacher. Myself and my great friends tanner and caitlyn often talk with him for an hour or more after class. He is very funny and i love talking with him. Also in his talk he said of himself during college "As some of you will appreciate, shyness was my personal El Guapo". Classic.

He is also the man who introduced me to the band Tally Hall. Tanner and i love them now. They produced these little fake PSAs that i though were worth your time.


Kathleen said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I liked the bus one the best - weird huh? But they were all very funny. Sounds like a cool guy by the way!

Kates said...

Sorry about the virus on the computer. That has happened to us before. NO FUN AT ALL. I love the videos. I have been cracking up. Your professor sounds awesome. I love his comment about eternal companions. He is right!

Smiths said...

Everybody knows that computers get viruses, what you don't know is that......GET A MAC!!!