Monday, April 6, 2009

I have mentioned on this blog some of the interesting ways a student's major is utilized/viewed/taken advantage of. There is another part of this that i would like to talk about. When a person says my "major is Biology" or "My major is Psycology" that means that they are engaged in the ongoing process of obtaining a specified amount of academic knowledge in Biology/Psychology or wahtever the subject. It could be said that they are on the path toward expertness (?) on that subject. They are on the path. On the path. They are getting there.

I say this to get the point across that because some one says they are an English major, Music major or whatever the case my be, doesn't make them an expert in that field. An example:

Esteban: My arm hurts.
Phineas: Oh man esteban, i'm sorry.
Estaban: Thanks Phineas, i need to get a good opinion on what to do.
Phineas: Oh esteban, you should ask Wolfgang. He's pre med.

This is a prime example of what not to do. The fact that wolfgang is pre med means that he is in the process of learning about medicine. Not that he knows it all.

That is the segway i am using to tell you about my interesting encounters since getting my mission call. I announced my Guatemala call in Institute Devotional so everyone knows. Now this is a common scene.

Well Meaning RM: Elder Davis! Guatemala?
Me; Thats right!
WMRM: Es emocionado usted ir a guatemala? Usted sera un representante de Cristo.
Me:........i don't speak

Some people assume i speak spanish because i'm going to guatemala. Not the case. Hence my upcoming sojurn at the MTC.

Anyhoo that is just one thing that has started to happen to me since i got my call. Another involved me at Walgreens. I walked in to walgreens, and back to the photo center. I am dressed in my best dark suit. I haden't even opened my mouth to the lady and she said "Passort photos will be 8 bucks. Where you headed elder?" That was pretty cool.

Also, i've been informed that i will be washing my clothes in a bucket, engaging in epic combat against rats and dealing with the nifty custom of the toilet being the crack in the floorboards.

Its one of the 10 poorest countries in Latin America. There were 6200 murders in 2008. 17 a day. Guatemala currently only has 382 people detained for murder. Do that math. So in conclusion;
  • I don'r speak spanish (yet)
  • My public speaking teacher is a poncer (this fact was not adressed but is still quite true)
  • Guatemala will be rockin
  • I hope my companion/some old guatemalan woman can pull a bullet out of my thigh using only a scripture marking pencil and a pass-along card.


Kates said...

That would be awesome if they could pull a bullet out of your leg and you lived to tell it. After the neck pain I have seen you endure I am not sure you could survive a bullet....but I am just sayin...

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

mandarin speaking eh? fhihing shai kuyong be tipet hatka!

Kathleen said...

Once again laughing outloud! I do have a question... what is a poncer? And please don't get shot! You might be able to handle it but I don't think I could! Rats are barely manageable for me!

Jayderaid said...

I'm so excited your going to Guatemala. You should get on the woohoo2007 blog and look at the cool picture I put of lake Atiklan!!

Jann said...

I am sure your mother loved hearing about all the murders in Guatemala. Joshua has managed to not get shot, so I am sure you will be fine.

Chelsee said...

I should not be reading this blog 6days post surgery! I think I popped my stitches from laughing so hard!

Karen Martin said...

Julius Caesar: Et tu Brute?
Brutus:........I don't speak