Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am pleased to announce to you that i have finished everything on my to-do list! Well except for learn Spanish and go to the Temple again. But i am increasing my Spanish profanity lexicon (thanks dirty Dan) and i am going to the Temple this weekend. It feels pretty good to have most of it done though. I have been writing a lot lately and i realized how much i enjoy it. It truly is more entertaining for me that a lot of other things i do for fun.

I want to share with you a little diddy i wrote in Parable of Jesus

First off, parables of Jesus is an institute class I'm taking this semester. It is taught by Brother Halverson and it is AMAZING! It is definitely my favorite. I have learned so much about the parable of the Savior. The parables themselves are just amazing, even today the logic and emotional appeals they use are superb. But Brother Halverson taught me so many cool little things like for example: Did you know that in the scriptures if it says Kingdom of God it is referring to the Church and its people but If it says Kingdom of the Lord it is referring to Heaven? I think that's right......something like that.

If you want to know the real fact, take the class!

But lots of little things like that pop up when you break down the parables of Christ. Since we are at the end of the semester Bro. Halverson has had us look at some other stuff besides just the Parables of Jesus. Parables by one of his Apostles for instance. If you haven't seen Spiritual Crocodiles by Boyd K. Packer i recommend doing a google search on it and watching the video.

Its OK....we'll wait.

Awesome right?! Well as part of this extra curricular curricula he had us write our own parables. Shockingly, mine were somewhat lighthearted. I wrote one of each kind the Savior gave, a short one liner and a long story type.

The first is:

Dating at EAC is like unto a bug zapper: for many will fly but most are toasted.

The second i worked a little harder on:

Dating at EAC is like unto a village. Every young man in the village must go on a long journey
to another village, where he will help in the harvest of their
abundant crop. This journey was time consuming and often very dangerous.
The young men would leave the village with only food, water, and a sickle to
take with them. One particularly fruitful season, the village was to have
a feast in the nearby mountains. Each of the beautiful women in the village
desired to take a companion to the feast with them where they would be
happy and find joy. Unto men who had not gone on a journey yet they would say
"Get thee hence, go to the field of our neighbors and harvest the ripe crop. Whence thou returnest, we will go
to the mountain together, but until then we will wait for thee." But woe woe unto the man who
believed the daughters of Zion. For as the feast grew near the women would find
new, journeyed
companions while the other men were yet toiling in the field. And thus we see
that the Dear John letter must surely come to pass.



Kathleen said...

You are so so so so so funny! Laughed out loud AGAIN!

Karen Martin said...
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Karen Martin said...

Nevertheless, ye need not fear. For when the man completeth his journey, he taketh a daughter who was fore-to-hence promised to await another man who yet remaineth on his journey. Thus the woman dearjohneth and the feast in the mountains is exceedingly great.

And thus we see the cycle continueth forever and ever. Amen.

Rylee said...

That was much needed comedic relief after a LOOONG day! Thanks Racer, you're always there when I need ya!

Rylee said...

Oh and I love Spiritual Crocodiles. I can't hear Elder Packer's voice without being taken back to seminary.

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

2 And it came to pass that while I wandered in the midst of cyberspace, I came to your blog. And lo, upon reading it I cried out with a soft voice (I was in the library) saying "Behold, Race Davis is a funny man."

3 And thus we see how speaking in scriptural language is very fun.

Jann said...

Very funny. Thanks for the laugh today.

Chelsee said...

funny bud! so are all the comments.

Kates said...

It is a very true parable. Very fun and very true.