Thursday, May 21, 2009

....i get tired just WATCHING basketball.....


  1. Ipod--------Check

2. Ipod Holder thing i probably don't need.-------Check

3. Under used running shoes------Check and check

4. Token swishy shorts-------Check

5. Skinny Chicken legs------Chick and chick.

That's right today i went running. Two entire miles. Now, this may not be impressive to some of my audience; mom, my sisters, OK so most of my audience, but it was a big accomplishment for me.

At school i would speed walk from my class to the cafeteria and by the time i got there i was spent. Pathetic.

I will have to walk about 10 miles a day in Guatemala and i don't want to be 'the pansy American elder who can't hack the walk to the stake center' (which not only would be an embarrassing title, it wouldn't be difficult to fit on a tag).

I hadn't gotten two blocks and i wanted to die. For the last year I have been lifting text books not lifting weights (and lets be honest, not a lot of textbooks really) so I'm out of shape in a very real way.

But this is a start.

Hopefully soon i won't get the 'putters sticking out of your shorts' comment on the golf course.


Rylee said...

Good job Racer! I started running like 3 weeks ago and I promise it gets easier. 2 miles your first time out is really good! Keep it up!

wendilla! said...

haha. oh racey race!! i am so proud of you. also, i miss your calf massages...

Kates said...

You give calf massages? Me next!! Way to go running. I love the backside picture of you! Cracked me up!

Chelsee said...

Good job bud. I have yet to run since the bambino. I know I couldn't keep up with you for two miles. What songs did you listen to on your ipod?

Race Davis said...

all of them. all 942. i run slow.

Smiths said...

Haha. Running blows, I'd rather do ANYTHING else. I'm impressed.