Friday, June 12, 2009

EFY, Temples and MIssion Shopping

Lots going on. Last week i was an EFY counselor. Look;

Gym full of kids
my friend curtis and his world famous short tie

The little ones (because I'm apparently a big one)

This is the group. Counselors and BC's. Might see several familiar faces. EFY was definately my favorite thing in the whole world. I will be doing it again after the mish.

Also, i went to the valley to shop, and go the temple. Look;

This is pretty much my Backpack;

I also went to Vegas to pick up Reece and go to the temple. Look;

I did a staight week of jumping, dancing, and child herding at EFY.

I got a weekend off and then i did a temple session tuesday (Mesa) wednesday (Mesa) thurday (Vegas) and Friday (Vegas).

All that combined with 1,120 ish miles of driving in 4 days.


Tami said...

Oh Race. I bet you were the best councilor hmm I dont think that is spelled right.. any way.. I bet you were the best at what you did:) Temples are the best huh?

Kates said...

What a fun couple of weeks to have before the mission! We love you!

Robin said...

You really have been busy, and the good kind! It was nice seeing you last week. Tina Slade told me your "farewell" was yesterday... She did a lot of bragging about you! So, when do you head for the MTC? And, how's the Spanish coming along? : )

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Is it true that JORDAN DETLOR showed up at your "Premission Goodbye Talk which is not the central focus of the sacrament meeting, hence we no longer endorse (but still practice in large degree) the tradition of the Farewell"?

I guess Bryan has been officially one-upped.

Temple hopping is great. I'm just about to leave for Salt Lake

wendilla! said...

Racial! can we please be counselors together when you get back?!!!