Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2nd email from MTC - worth reading!

Hey everyone,> > Well yes i should explain how everything is working. Monday is my preperation day so i will email mondays around noon. Well only this monday and next monday and then i'm in the GUAT GUAT CITY! Yep i leave in 9 days. Me and elder mobley (moby mobes) are doing real good. we are good buddies which is good couse there are some people i would want to punch in the pancreas as a companion. He is very cool. All my years of loving black mormons has paid off with Mobes. We email on p day in the laundry room. thats where we are now.> > Keep sending pictures by all means. And i'll try and send you some. they are rockin hahah. Ya so the entire 15 bretheren were here last week and those i mentioned came to a fireside. me and elder Moby Mobes.....aquired through strategem.....4th row seats. hahaha it took just enough lying and trickery of Zone Leaders/Ushers to make me feel almost bad, but getting that close was cool. Elder holland talked and it was awesome. That really all we saw of them. the hermanas in our zone met the 1st presidency though. Also becuase of swine flu we can't shake hands. Yep, 3000 mormons and no handshakes allowed. Its like dropping a finch of in the woods and telling them no hunting. i'll stop. But ya no handshakes, hugs or defence in basketball or soccer. > > However i hug my branch president all the time. i'm his favorite dead serious. My schedule on normal days looks something like this;> 6:30 wake up> 7:30 desayuno (breakfast)> 8:00 Classe con Hermano Schulca (a big ecuadorian teacher, about 25 he is so cool)> 11:30 Alumerzo (Lunch)> 12:15 Gym> 1:35 Classe con Hermana Jacobs ( a little white mormon sister about 25. she doesn't get my humor and thinks i'm wierd.)> 5:15 Cena (guess i dare you)> 6:00 Companionship study> 7:15 Personal study> 8:15 Language study> 9:15 planning for the next day adn companionship prayer> 10:00 dorm district meeting (just kinda something we do not really required) we sing pray adn recite our purpose, memorised scriputes and the first vision en espanol> 10:15 in room quiet time (journal writing, silent weeping over dear johns etc.)> 10:30 lights out> > Yep yep. I wouldn;t say i like the MTC for the sole reason that i am not a structured learner. I would rather have them say have this this and this conjugation memorized by tuesday. Its very structured which for me is good for everyhting but learning. Haha. > > I'm homesick which is weird. But its ok. ]> > Oh! 2 big deals. First we got our flight plans! Thats when we leave ect. Most elders wait months for those and we got them in week 2. hahaha it drives the other elder nuts. We fly out of SLC july 14th to Dallas 5 hour layover there. Then from dallas to Guatguat. Not a very long trip at all. We are gonna prosolyte (? not even close) in the airport in texas hahah it should be interestring. > "Tengamos un mensaje sobre Jesucristo, nuestros salvador." > haha we'll see.> > Also on the 4th i didn't even really know it was the 4th which was good. but some seruious stuff happened. They let us ioutside to watch the fireworks and while everyone was walking back and kinda hanging around someelders in our didstrict saw a girl run into our dorm building! The y told our Zl and they called security and they didn;t catch her. We don;t know if it was a stupid hermana being dumb with some elder or a girlfriend who snuck in during the confusion. Either way about 10 people from our building are going home when they figure it all out. It wasn'ent me or any of my friends so don;t fret mom and sisters.> > Not much else going on. Food is ok. My roommates are not obedient at all. Garht brooks playing all the time. I'm out of time. Adios mi familia. Me amo ellos. Se que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y Jose smith fue un profeta. > > Adios con ellos misonario en la MTC.> > PAZ AFUERA >

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Grandma Esther said...

Your mom called and told me to get on Rylee's blog to read your letters. Thank you so much for letting us know how things are going. I'm impressed with your Spanish. I believe the 6th Article of Faith is working in your behalf. We pray that you will have the gift of tongues.