Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beware unbelievers..... It's an MTC nickel story.

Elder Mobley and Race (best buddies and companions)
Anyone surpised by the shirt? I wasn't.

Race's District

They have all been to the MTC while Race was there.
Pretty good timing don't you think!

Dear Fam,
I don't even really have to tell this story. You know it already. I was having a hard few days. I missed home, spanish gets to me sometimes, the days are long and I was having trouble sleeping. It was 4th of July weekend and I was missing Eagar.
My roommates were taking their toll on me. I had been sick and throwing up for a few days and anxious about going to Guatemala.
I keep basically zero change in my room. Hardly any elders use cash, we have little MTC cards we buy stuff with. I had a quarter on my desk but other than that i hadn't seen a coin since i got here.
My room is about 15-17 across. and that's 4 elders splitting it. My area where my cabinet/closet for clothes is just mine. And I stand there 3 times a day to change. Plus I sit and sleep 5 feet from that little area. And one day after lunch I came in to change my clothes.
Right by my foot, where I stand every day was a nickel.
So i picked it up and felt really good. I even told Elder Mobley a quick version of the story.
And then later that day I was in the bathroom blowing my nose. Going to the bathroom is basically the only time you are alone here. As i stood in the bathroom i instantly felt peace. and then i had the unmistakable impression come into my min. Grandma is proud of you.
That nickel might have fallen off my roommates desk, been thrown in by some other elder, fell out of an old suitcase or maybe Mobley dropped it. Or maybe it was put there just for me.
Divine intervention or a random coincidence. Does it even matter a little bit? Nope. Cause either way i felt peace, comfort and love. nickels remind me to be Christlike, remember who I am, work hard and remember my heritage. So whether you believe in this or not I don't care. It makes me nicer and that's what scores you points upstairs.
I leave tomorrow for Guatemala MTC. it's gonna be crazy. I'm excited to play with the little nino-guats.
Race Davis


Kates said... one has ever said it better.

Chelsee said...

Seriously perfect!

Rylee said...

ryder's looking at me like, "are you ok mom?" full tears.

Smiths said...

I love Race.

Grandma Esther said...

I do think you were given intervention to sustain you as it is hard starting a mission. Grandpa and I pray for you each day that you will be protected, successful in learning the new language and have the influence of the Holy Ghost and comforter. We lvoe you.