Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Email from MTC

Hi mom. This is the emial address you can give to all the sisters and everybody who wants it. i think i will email you and then you can forward it to the sisters and all that.MTC is good. My companion is Elder Mobley as i'm sure you read in my letter. He's a cool kid. Kinda looks like tiger woods/obama. I'll try and mail some pictures home soon if i can. The work is fun my spanish is actually really progressing in only a few days. I like my district alot. 12 guys. One of them looks just like a mix between eric stoner and lance wahl. The first day i got here i ran into a kid and we were talking and he said he knew eagar and i asked how and he said "rulon udall". he knew the john udalls from the valley i guess. i forget his name.I've seen Jeffy and all my friends frm EA now. There are tons of missionaries here. I also met one of levi's friend from flagstaff and a girl in my branch knows Danica donaldson. Random. Oh also on friday i saw Elders Oaks Bednar Chrisofferson Holland Cook Anderson and Perry. No big. I'll write more on that later. The hermanas in my branch met Elder Uctdorf and President Monson. All 15 of the bretheren have been here in the last 4 days. Nothing else too exciting. I'm doing laundry now. Esta bien. Se que estamos hijos a de Dios. Y se que Jesucristo es my hermano mejor. Testifico que Jose Smith fue un profeta. Yo amo mi mision y el evangelio de Jesucristo y su expiacion. En el nobre de Jesucristo amen. y Mi purpose es: invitar a las personas a venir a cristo a fin de que reciban la evangelio resutrado mediante a la fe en Jesucristo y su expiacion, arrepetiamento, bautismo, recepcion del don del espiritu santo, y perseverar a hasta del fin. I still hve ten minutes on the computer but not much else to talk about. One of my roommates is basically ethan eagar. Not necessarily a good thing. I can already hear myself talking with a spanish accent. really. The first week is kinda crazy i guess and its gonna start mellowing out with just classes all day. Elder Davis PS tell dad mi libro de mormon y mi santa bibla are nice leatherbound ones and that i can get them embroidered for free here with my name.

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Grandma Esther said...

We are impressed at how quickly you are learning Espaniol. You are a pretty smart man. It is great to read your letters. We love you.