Monday, July 20, 2009

Guatemala MTC! Life is good!

So I have waited all day for an email from Race and was worried that it hadn't come yet. Mom's minds can go from life is good to my son is dead in like .3 seconds. But finally at approximately 4:30 I got the email below. The headache I have had all afternoon went away and I feel much better. I knew Race made it to Guatemala because of an email from the MTC president but I was so relieved to hear right from Race.
Another story that he wanted me to put it. The day they were to fly to Guatemala Race's alarm didn't go off. He was the flight leader and had set his alarm for 4:30 AM. It didn't go off and so when he woke up at 5:30 to his name being called over the loud speaker at the MTC he had to RUSH to say the least. Anyway, he said he was up dressed and sprinting down the MTC hall in like 10 seconds. He woke his companion (Elder Mobley) with "HOLY SH#$%^ Elder we are late." Needless to say they made their flight without any problems. So later that day at his layover in Dallas my phone rings. I almost don't answer because I don't recognize the number on my caller ID. But when I do I am surpised with a voice saying "I need to speak with Kathleen Davis". Me: This is her. Voice: We have your son Race Davis detained because of items found in his suitcase and also for his behavoir". Well I figured Race had put Elder Mobley up to calling me but then I realized I had Race on the phone. It was awesome. I got to chat with him for a while before his plane left for Guatemala. He sounded awesome and excited. I hope that excitement stays with him for the next 23 months. Okay, so enough rambling on. Here is his latest email received today July 20th, 2009.
Familly.Sorry about this email its written on a spanish keyborad. muy dificil. Also we have very little time for email here so i have to hurry. Life is good. My firsst though upon walking through the guatemala city airport was holy sh33 everyone speaks spanish here. The MTC here is very small but about a thousand times better than the one in porov. the buildings are way nicer, the food is AMAZING and only about 100 elders. The showers were made by guats. The water hits my stomach. it was yellow and about 50 years old. they drive like manicas down here. No lanes no speed limits no blinkers and stop signs....they honk and then gun it. dead serious. NO rain yet. Although its the rainy season. >Weird. There is a man that comes to the gate of the CCm every week and sells those really cool bags and scripture cases- Ill have to get me one next week. Ashlee and Collin= Kyle Deering. Good guy. Other than that life is good. Our teachers only speak spanis h to us and it is very stressful. >But my spanis is increasing faster. MOBES IS STILL MY COMPANION! he got to stick with me. But we are now a trio. Which is weird- We have elder woods. ex marine kinda a nut job. hes like 30. oh well. we have 2 latinos in our room and about 30 on our floor. they are awesome! they help us with spanis hand we halep them with english. me and elder ramos sit on my bed everynight and he reads a verse in english and i correct his grammer pronunciation ect. and i read in spanish and he corrects me. its very good. } I already forget words in english and phrase things spanishish if you know what im saying a day good a shirt blue so on and so on life is good email is best from now on pretty much. mail takes longer and is expensiver. not a word. mom and sisters dad and chantz email if you wwsanna talk. friends and stuff that want my address mom please give them my street address down here. its confusing i know. also mother if you couod please call brianna 480 235 3688 and give her my email address for here and have her send me an email so ill have her address. and tell her to check out the blog for updates. i didnt get her letter if she sent one. so have her email it again. sorry to sound like im handing out chores. what else? the temple is tiny but beautful. the dormrooms here look like a la quinta dead serious. glad you got my pictures nickel ect mom blog the story about my alarm clock not going off and me telling you i was homeland security from the airport. What else? Ya the food is amazing. fresh fruit every morning and really good food all the time. we have this thing called refaction its a night time snack. we get out of class and we all go in and have a cookie or a candy bar or some yogurt or something like that at about 730 its so cool. the mtc president here is awesome. president christiansen. way more freedom here. we get to go teach fake investigators at a place called casa de cre. we have to walk down the street pasta gas station and stuff and knock on the door and they let us in like its a real house. its really cool. They have kfc taco bell wendys here. weird. we are in the rich part of town now it looks almost jsut like san diego. my mission is aprantly a rich mission actually. jungle and stuff too but what city i havein my mission is wealthyish the angle moroni is right out my window every morning. I love you all and i can feel your prayers every day. when i dont think i have any left to give or im really homesick or just having a bad day or spanish is hard that day or whatever i feel extra strenght from somewhere. prayers. funny story form the provo mtc. kid in my distric was reading a passage and came to the word tomado. he fumble with it...tomadO tomEdo etc etc then i said yo hablo tomado usted hable tamAdo. i though that was teacher there thought i was weird cause she didnt get my jokes most of the fgake investigators at CRE dont speak any english. 3 weeks of spanish and im trying to translate the priesthood authority to admininster ordinances was taken form the earth when the apostasy occured. not gonna gappen. it forces you to teach the gospel simly. out of time. i love you all and tell tell i love him too and that well be very close to eachotehr. only a few miles. love elder davis una discipulo de jesucristo, el hijo amado de dios.


Chelsee said...

I just sent him a letter in the mail..oops! He sounds good. Oh and tell Tell I love him too!

Jann said...

It is so fun to read his letters. Thanks Kathleen for putting these up. I am looking forward to hearing all about his mission.

Rylee said...

It is awesome to read these and he'll be so glad to have them down the road. Glad life is good again for you mom!!

Smiths said...

Oh Race...he can still make me laugh from thousands of miles away! Thanks Aunt Lina for putting these up.