Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mission Beach Post

mom and fam no time. i have been getting everything you sent. i got one package from you mom in the mtc that is it for packages. i literally have 7 minutes. thanks for the pictures the beach looks fun. iah doing good. not much has changed. thanks for calling briana. markee did it. figures. i had to do the veil in spanish today. wow. just wow. the kids look great. i have to go ill have more tme next week,. love race

We are in San Diego for our annual family week at the beach. I wait all day for those 5 short lines but at least he is busy. Hopefully he really will have more time next week!

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Smiths said...

Race has got to learn to type faster!! With 7 minutes he should have been able to push out a few more lines!! He sounds great! Have fun at the beach