Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News from Guatemala and lots of pictures!:)

All of these pictures came in emails today. Kind of in random order but fun to look at!

hey fam. first debit card doesnt seem to work down here. this isnt urgent but if you could look into that. also i have a strrong feeling ill learn a dialect out here in the mountains soon. there are many and i will put money on it. i figured out why it rains so much here )and it does) its because if any city needs a bath...its this one. hows the no soda thing? im doing fine oh ok here we go. so i have never seen a more humble people financially. they are very poor. i have also never seen more spoiled kids in my life. we will be in a house with dirt floors and no real roof and the kids are so spoiled! parents dont tell there kids no here. weird.... I SAW AN ALBINO COCKROACH IN MY MICROWAVE!!!! tell biscuit he isnt good enough for julie. dont even think about it c'ham. ha oh heres something the busses here are nuts...the drivers text while they drive its sweet!!!! but they drive all over the city doing their routes and if they are in a gang area they have to pay money to the gang to operate in that area. but if they dont this is what are riding in a bus and then a motorcycle pulls up alolgside the bus....and shoots the bus driver!!! isnt that awesomeDISCLAIMERdear mom i say scary things like this and many would say thats not nice cause it scares you. but its ok for me to do. why? because your son connor race davis would have been dead the second day in this city. just dead. Elder connor race davis will be safe every day hes here. ergo i joke. the end yesterday during companionship study a 3 inch slug crawled across our floor. it was HUGE. and aweome some perfect person here in guajitos follwed the counsel of christ -he that is without sin amoung you, let him cast the first stone- i got hit in the head by a rock yesterday in the street! it was so aweomse i had a goose agg for like 7 hours. the last few days weve been getting yelled at alot and stuf casue it was guatemala independedce day so it was a good excuse to be mad a gringos. its all good though. ok so your remember elsa? she cant get baptized yet. she has to get marrried to her husband but now that they have the money we find out her husband (heretofore to be refered to as schmo pants) has another family in nicaragua. what a jerk. so they cant get married yet. well see how it all works out. i am getting all your letters sisters dad and friends. and thank you for them! not much else. oh one more thing dear reece kirby hadlock because of the strange fascination the world now has with michael jackson after his death coupled with the fact that people here live in the 80s and love american stuff i hear michael jackson all the time in the streets in stores on busses etc. i am becoming a fan of michael jackson as you always wished. felizidades universe, you win. from race anyway..... oh sorry i didint email on manday im attaching pictures. love elder davis
This little note came with more pictures.
we eat with memebers supposedly every lunch. but usually we skip lunch. and breakfgast. and dinner. en serio we dont eat alot we always running. a memmber does our laundry. when we eat with memebers is rice beans chicken some beef eggs avacadoes mango juice bananas etc. when we cook at our house its cold cereal potatoe pearls mac and cheese and beans. yep. mom please forward my letters adn give my address to this email. its tanner and bryan. bryan.w.fleming.mim at

Another note with more pictures.
bug bites in the mountains on an activity us at a service project the blondeish guy with me is my comp at the warehouse ding service


Markee said...

I absolutely love reading his letters!! No way that he has another family... go figure!! I loved that pictures it's so great that he is on a mission and loving it!

Rylee said...

good letter! longer than they've been which is so nice! once again he sounds GREAT!

Ashlee's Annals said...

Oh Race. Highlight or the letter for me? Schmo Pants. It's just so fitting.

Kates said...

His foot looks is his foot right? Sometimes his letters are hard to understand! Anyway, sounds and looks great and the new hair cut reminds me of him when he was like 6! I love it!