Monday, September 21, 2009


This is Race and his first baptism. I wish we knew his name. Race's didn't tell us.
A double banana. Don't really know the significance of a double banana but I liked the picture just the same.

The size of the cockroaches in Guatemala. It's pretty nasty but I think there are bigger ones. I actually have seen bigger ones in the church that Mr. Hagerman had us sleep in on tour.

The birthday girl that fed the elders on HER birthday!

Another baptism. Race doesn't give names.
Once again I was thankful to get a letter and find him sounding and looking good. Hunger I can deal with, hard work is a given but it makes me so grateful when he is happy and loving what he is doing!
Here is his latest letter!

hello family, dad thanks for doingthat on the debit card i never use it but i just wanted to see if i could. ya i think i know hwere to use it, there is a place called maxi bodega that is like a supermarket that i bet would take it. but i shouldnt need it. unless my camera dies on me. not a lot to talk about this week, wait thats a lie. this week i got to say THE words habiendo sido commisionado por Jesucristo you te bautizo in el nombre del padre, y del hijo, y del espiritu santo, amen. i performed my first baptism this week!!! it was very amazing i didnt expect this man to ask me to perform the baptism but he did and i was honored. ill try and send pictures. so this week the lady we eat luch with sometimes (wife of the ward mission leader) had us over for her birthday and fed us this riduculous unch of a meat buffet. it rocked. the food was amazing.....until the end. thats when she brought out ´cake´, now im not a complainer but this was made from sandwhich bread. not inedible but not yummy. it was a strange guatemalan recipie. no one wanted to eat it cause it was pina flavored and it had the texture....of a lugi. not fun. so my companioon, wise old man that he is, grabbed a plastic bag off the table and dumped all of our plates into it and then stuffed it into his pocket. it was classic. then we fed it to this dog that hangs out at our house. also, being in this country is so crazy, not only am i learning so much, my self confidence is growing. why? you might ask....well i will tell you my friend. i thought us white people (and i say us becuase i am the whitest of the white) were bad dancers. but of all the things guatemalans are good at.....dancing is not the forte here. it makes me feel like michael jackson. whom is still growing on me by the bye. also, i get depressed at times because thgere are no books in this country. i swear even ion the houses of people that can read thay dont have books. its very odd. there is a sister missionary here that reminds me of lindsey wilkins alot. her voice and laugh and what not. Love ya lindz! (probably spelled your name wrong) also it so interesting to go from arizona where the chuch is so established to here where it has new wards and stuff. for example yesterday we taught the young mens president how to tie a tie. by no fault of his own he had never done it. and a counsilor in the elders q presidence has some.....interesting doctrinal opinons.....for example Joseph smith didnt REALLY see God and CHrist, and the families arent going to be together for etenities.....ya.....just....ya. were trying to fiz that. but not alot other than that. life is good my spanish is progressing. oh about the ruins. no we dont explore them momma we work. here is my average day. 630 wake up shower (not NEARLY as often as you would pray) etcfrom there i eat breskfast and supposedly i study. but we dont have time to study we have to teach lessons so usaually we skip that.10 we are usaually out of the house, skipping study, teaching lessons. on an ideal day we would study to 11.2ish lunch sometimes. we skip alot cuse there is so much to do.lessons-service projects-church activities for the rest of the day9 we return to the house unles we are teaching an investigator then we can return aat 930when we return we plan the next day talk about that day, add up our numbers have prayer etc.then dinner and by that i mean eating little to nothing cause you are tired and there is no time.1030 lights out. well supposedly. some of us are in bed by this time. and some of us are up at 630. but we shant dwell on that. i really dont know when we eat. we dont i guess. hmm..... but life is great. at times i literally feel all of your prayers...enter me. that sounds dumb and i cant really explain it but at times i feel a strange boost of strenth from my head to my toes and my fatigue is gone and i just keep on going. and then i just know that it your prayers. reallly. life is great im fine. time is flying! im almost done with me first change! im almost done with my first companion! its crazy. love you all thanks for everything. mom tell chantz that he shouldnt go to that school thing. i dont know why but i dont like it. also tell him he is still not good enough to hang out with julie reece.¨hehe oh ya the treasure hunt at the ccm. ya i hoped jordan would like that, its weird im 30 miles from him and ill never see him. for 2 years. oh! get this there is a lady in our ward that has a sister or a cousin or something in taylor az. what the heck! i cant escape those crazy snowflakers even here in a 3rd world country! small world. love elder davis


Markee said...

I L.O.V.E. his letters!!!!!

Ashlee's Annals said...

He sounds great. As always. And already a baptism? His life rocks.

Rylee said...

my fave we dont explore them momma we work. so funny.
he sounds good, busy, happy, etc. great pics, and it was a decent lenth letter too! love that boy!

Kates said...

He is going to come home weighing 100lbs. We are going to have to fatten him up!

Jann said...

He sounds great. Thanks for posting the pictures for those of us that are out of the loup of things. GO ELDER DAVIS!