Thursday, September 10, 2009

So some things NEVER change! Race is a little sh*!
After you read the first couple of lines you will see why! Darn kid!

hey its me elder davis sorry i didnt email til now. there was a dispute between two factions in the local government and we werent allowed to leave the house for a few days. ok maybe thats not true. we had to move email day to today cause we had interviews with president. but from now in with few exceptions we will be emailing in monday. so there you go. how are things here....great! the biggest news... ELSA CAN GET MARRIED!!!!!! that moman i told you bout got the money and she is getting baptized on the same day as her son. we got the news late and then we were all hugging and jumping up and down in our garments and having a happy party as a missionary house. the mission changes people. 12 weeks ago i would nopt have danced around over the marriae of a 60 year old woman. i cant remeber what else i was going to write.... were rich. all of us. just throwing that out there. i have a memory card i will mail day with a bunch of good stuff on it. ya i met that davis guy a long time ago in the ccm. cool beans, ya i dont really support the obama thing with grandpa...but whatever. HEY! mom! guess what i realized today. que sera sera is spanish! from that song you sang to us when we were little. it literally means what is going to be is going to be. cool stuff. elder deering and i taught lessons all day on divisions yesterday. we have 2 weeks of expierience in the field. yep. we did just fine. tell uncle bob i dont dream in spanish yet but that i think in it alot and im wiating for the dreaming too. ya i saw elder winters and he snapped a photo. i dont see him alot cause hes in the office. oh ya i have my address. Elder Connor Race DavisGuatemala City Guatemala Central MissionApartado 921-A ZOna 901009 Guatemala City Guatemala you may already have that but that is the mission office address and all written mail should go there for the next 2 years. i have already had 3 fast sundays on the mission. only 21 more. im doing great. life is sweet. FREAKOUT MOM MESSAGE OF THE WEEKdear mom yesterday wee heard gunfire in the next nebighorhood. i was all excited and my comp dident even notice cause its so common here. your son the bother, race davis anyways im doping dreat i got the package with all the letters in it!ยช thank you alot. all the elders were asking iof the sisters were married. hahha i opened it at zone meeting. life is good like i said ill wrte if and civil war breaks out or anything. love elder davis


Rylee said...

he sounds GREAT! and YAY for Elsa! I love reading his letters.

Ellen Rae said...

He shouldn't give his Mom a heart attack! But he sounds so great. I love missionaries and the things that get them excited. It is wonderful he is doing so well.

Grandma Esther said...

We're so glad we can read your blog through Chelsee. Maybe you could be on our blog. It sounds like things are going great. We also had a gun shot experience while in Puerto Rico. It was also common there, except this was our next door neighbor with police soon on the scene. It sounds like you are really picking up the language. You're in our prayers each day. Love you.