Monday, October 26, 2009

I write EVERY week! Why isn't he getting my mail? I feel sick inside!

Hey all,> > I assume you didnt write me momma cause you were in disneyland. rough life. hahaha> > So did i tell you yet that both elder Tax and i are both 19? Yep.> > So the other day we were in the street waiting for a memeber to meet us and black dog by led zeplin came on. Now, no matter who you are that song will incubate in you an intense desire to do one of the following...> bob your head and rock to the glory of zep> > break something (guitar, amp, stones fan´s face, etc)> > tip over a car and in some other form stick it to the establishment> > now, im a missionary. i cant do hardly any of those things. what a struggle in my soul. i simply bobbed my head slightly and THOUGHT about smashing a guitar.> > haha its funny how much random (and usually terrible) american music exists here. like the spice girls and other groups not worthy of mention. but every once and a while on a bus crowded with people, amidst the cigarette smoke and sound of clucking chickens...the ambrosia of weezer or the white stripes will reach your ears. its a strange expierience.> > hey if you want you could try and google the place i live to see pictures of the gated community. try googleing ¨la victorias, palin guatemala¨> > oh mom if you could include in an email or letter at some point the addresses of uncle den and rich i would appreciate it.> > > > wanna know what its like to be confused?> > here is a little slice of my life....> > lets say i wanted to say ¨i was...¨> > now, first i have to determine, what verb to use. Ser means ´to be´. > > ok, so its ser. but its in the ´i´ form. so we conjugate it to ´soy´.> > but it needs to be in past tense. past tense would be ´fui´. > > so its yo ´fui´. But there is a problem. there is more than one past tense congugation. so it could be yo fui, or it could be ´yo era´. Depending on the circumstance. > > But there is a nother problem. There is another verb which means to be. Estar.> > so it could be yo fui, yo era OR> > yo estaba or yo estuve. > > so if i wanted to say ¨i was in Guajitos for 6 weeks¨ i have to first determine which of the two verbs to use. for this enstence it would be estar, because it is describing my location in space, not me. > > i then have to determine which past tense it is. becasue it was occuring over a period of time, it will be the imperfect conjugation. which means i would use ´estaba´.> > just to say ¨i was¨ i have to go through that process in my mind. Thats why when pople ask me something i get this look on my face like i have to use the bathroom and say ¨uhhhhh..............yo fui? no.....yo era? no......uhhhhhhh.........> > hahahah that is a moment in the life of a gringo in guatemala. luckily im getting a tad better. > > oh this week we baptized a lady who has been a memeber whole entire life. she was a relief society pres, young womens leader, but her bishop or someone made a istake about 18 years ago and no record of her baptism exists. our leaders told us she had to be baptized again. so we did. how weird.> > love you all and i hope all is well.> > Love, > Elder Davis, Palin Guatemala. >


Rylee said...

how weird that he didn't get your email mom. i emailed him last night and he sent me an email back today since he had extra time because there was no letter from you. thats so weird, i hope that doesn't happen again!

Kates said...

He sounds great and just reading about the confussing language makes my mind boggle! Good thing he is smart!