Monday, October 12, 2009

Living at the base of an active volcano. No worries!

Dear Fam, life is good here in guate guate. so spanish bible....ya kinda a huge thing down here. huge blessing for these people. catholic bibles are the worst ever and now we can use lds bibles. also.... ah ya ive ben thinking about the fam coming down. im begging to change my mnd. maybe just mom and dad. oh ya i saw elder jordan udall at the temple the other week. ill email a pic soon. and elder goodman a friend from showlow. saw them both. here is a little insight into life in guate. alot of times we dont have laundry availible. and as unapetizing as it might sound somethimes we have to resue articles of clothing. like socks. and underwear. for days. many days. same pair. ya. its not the funnest thing ever but what i do to stay positive is the following. i take my 9 days straigh socks and fold them nice and neat and stash them under my pday clothes in my drawer. same with my underware. and then i get out of the shower and say ¨hmmm....i need underwear and socks.¨ lo and behold i find them. floded and with the apperarance and psychological effect of cleanliness. its all about little battles. oh another thing down here. there is this notion that all religion is true. every chruch every preacher. everything. becasue it all talks about Jesus. i hate this apostasy. a lot. i showed some investigators the pic of me and ryder and they thought he was my son casue we looked alike. i had to explain that while he did inherit my devilkishly good looks he is infact me nephew (sobrino). at times i say little phrases that i dont know the meaing of. but it makes sense in the coversation. i say them becuse elder jenson said them, and i know when to say them. but until i study them out i dont know what they mean, only when to say them. for example if you haggle with a taxi driver for a price and you finally reach one you are ok with i say vaya. i dont understand why but that is when you say it and more or less it means ¨im down with what is going on, i agree and you sir will now sell me that wallet or give me a ride in your little taxi for the specified price upon which we both agree.¨ or something along those lines. oh ya mom when i mail hime cds and memory cards please keep them safe in a box or something so ill have all my pics when i get home.- im sure you do that already- oh ya....every night when we walk home the view is of a volcano erupting. dead serous. its just a orange trickle of lava every night. its totally cool. and when you cant see the volano cause i hill is bocking it it looks like the glow of mordor. its basicaally awesome. so ya i live by a volano. google pacaya volcano and you should see it. now im in this area i dont worry about getting shot i worry about being burned alive by a flood or lava. or not. it is due for an erruption the people here say,,,,,, much love elder davis palin, guatemala.

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