Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Race's First Transfer and living at the base of a Volcano!

hey fam lots lots lots going on. i didnt write til today because i was (in jail? held captive? sick?) no i was TRANSFERED! i am no longer in the capital. no longer in the training zone. i am now out in the big scary world. they ususally keep you in the traiing sone for longer but im out. i am now in the coast. zone amatitlan in a town called palin. on the other side of the volcano in the pictures of antigua. i am in a house with just my cmp and me. his name is elder tax he is from guate and he comes up to my armpit. and i love him. my spanish will improve very quickly with him. it already is. brother austin....well since age couldnt conquer him i figure fishing would be the way he would have wanted to go. ill miss him. i had writen down to ask this wek how steven brown was doing. amazing. wow that is too bad. please tell sister borwn that the elders in Palin will be prayin for him. lastima. far away. ill get back to you on that. i would be hesitant to ship a camera down.... price search this for me mom. kodak easy share 10 megapixel. i dont know the model number but its blue. check overstock .com and see if they have it. hmm.... conference was bien pilas. of course i loved presdient holland talk. he called eden smith out by name! hahaha put that in your pipe mr apostate man. ya that was a powerful talk. its so weird to think where i was last conference....time flies doesnt it camanances? so ya elder jenson went home. he was a good trainer, a good dad. the rms of the fam will recognize that apostasy. actually our president doesnt really mind it. well now that the story is over hyped and all ill just tell you it involved an addict that doesnt like us, a gun and thats about it. heheh not a lot else. oh wiat. ya there is. i live in a gated community! the houses here but not ours are as nice as rylee and reeces. dead serious. the riches people ive seen in guate guate and the very poorest are in this area. quite the contrast. ill get pictures. i live at the base of a volcano. again. boo ya. WE BAPTIZED ELSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forgo to mention that. ya. it was aweomse. pictures later. mom where is evan going again? tell is geaded to panama right? him and i will have the sameish mission. when do they report? im proud of them. you have no idea. more later,edler davis palin, guatemala.


Rylee said...

great letter! i would like to hear the WHOLE story about the gun and everything. we'll probably have to wait til he gets home to hear it though. he's still sounding great. he's such a good boy.

Markee said...

Already transferred huh!? I love that he loves his companion, I hope it's always like that....I know it probably won't be but that's so good for now! I LOVE his letters once again!!

Ellen Rae said...

He is so positive about everything. What a great missionary. Lauren told me that all the returned missionarie that she was with watching conference cheered at Elder Hollands talk. It was probably my favorite talk of the conference too. Love to read Elder Davis' letters!