Thursday, October 22, 2009

See those bad guys?

dear fam i dont have hardly anything to talk about this week. we had two baptismal dates set and they both fell. but im ok with that becasue i didnt feel comfortable baptizing them just yet. the volcano across the lake from us errupted yesterday. just gas and smoke. it was cool. the other night we were waslking down the street at about 830 and there was a random group of men with ski masks and shotguns. elder tax didnt see them even though they were standing literally 3 feet from us. it was very strange and elder tax wanted to walk down that street. i was shpocked cause of the men standing there and was like come on man we cant go down that street were gonna die. i mean the leader of them was 3 feet from us. so we went the other way and afterward when we were out of earshot i asked him what the heck that was all about. he said he didnt see them.- very strange. not much else. very boring week. i love you allelder davis

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Jann said...

Wow, erupting volcanos and scary bad dudes. I am sure glad he is there doing good things, so he is protected.