Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Corn days in November???

hey all

mom all i have from you this week is a picture of hyrum. no other email. you are doing something different than everyone else because i got email from dad markee rylee etc.

but dont worry about it.

well yesyou guessed right i had transferes. well better saidelder tax had transfers. heis nowsuffering in the deep coast in the heat. i amstill in palin but now with elder lopez. i was very very sad to see elder tax go we got to be ghood buddies. and thiselder lopezcharacter.....well see.

ill misselder tax. hewas learning english while i was learning spanish and it wasvery intersting. my lfewasvery much like a game of charades. i was trying to say frog the other day. i dont know that word. i tried to explain but just ended up hopping around the house saying ribbet to get my point across. ill miss that little guy.

so we went and picked corn with this member up in the hills for service this week. it felt a little like corn days in eagar. except i was in guatemala. and the corn was different. and everyone was speaking spanish. and grandpa wasnt there. ok maybe it wasnt like corn days in eagar.

mom please send me matts email adress or have one of the sisters do it.

so since this is all going on the blog i have a few self serving questions.... how many comments am i pulling down these days? just wondering. also mom have you chnged the blog picture? you should if not.

when did tell report? and when does kevin report?

and ask chantz to aks kelly for jaydes address so i can write her.

and hey what happened with chantz? is it serous? i assume not and mom you probable explained itin yourletter....that i didnt get.

just fyi mom the last letter i got from you was oct 31.

everyone else i am getting you email and i thank you for it.

with love

elder davis

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Wizard said...

He gets e-mail? I've sent him, like, three letters, and he's never responded to any of them. Does he only respond though e-mail?