Monday, November 9, 2009


I got this great surprise at the post office today. I tried to type it the way he wrote it!
Dear Davis Family,
Hey. Well this is E. Mobley. I was companions with Connor Race Davis in both the MTC and CCM. Oh good times. We became bestest friends. I love him.
So I'm writing to let the family know that you raised the most amazing son ever. He's a big spiritual giant. He's so knowledgeable in doctrine. He knows his Savior. He has an amazing testimony of the need of the restoration through Joseph Smith. He has a big love for the Prophet Joseph Smith. In the MTC we would practive teaching lesson one and everytime it came to the point of the first vision my best friend would always bring the spirit into the lesson so strongly w/his testimony of Joseph Smith. It brought him to tears each time. Haha. He's amazing.
He's also knowledgeable in fashion. Which I din't believe at first. But he really does. We are totally GQ elders. Haha. E. Davis is the best. He has brought me so much joy and comfort on my mission. Specially in our first change we were in the same stake. But first change was hard for me in some areas. I thank the Lord every night for Elder Davis he is such an example to me. A role model. C.R. Davis is just amazing.
I've heard plenty stories of the family. Can't wait to meet everyone July 4, 2,011. Thanks for the invite. We're making plans for July 4, 2,011.
Oh and the neices and nephews are so addorable. I have a neice that is 6 months and thats who we missed the most.
Well I ought to be going now. Just wanted to express my appreciation for Elder Davis. I'm upset he was the only one who had changes. Hopefully next change or in the future we reunite. K. Love you all. Keep your heads up and see you soon.:)
Much Love, Elder Talalima G. Mobley


Rylee said...

OK that is awesome!!! And he's right if there's anyone out there with a testimony of Joseph Smith its Racer. How fun will it be to meet him at the fourth!

Kates said...

So cool to get a letter from Mobley. I feel like he is already part of the fam!

Markee said...

That is such a nice letter, I can't wait to meet him!!