Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey all so this was an exciting week, to be sure. First off it was thanksgiving. my district leader (elder rees from utah great great guy) invited us to amatitlan for a thanksgiving feast. Its about 15 miles away or so. So we headed over thanksgiving day but there was a huge acident on the freeway there. About 5 people died. so we were stuck in standstill trafic for an hour. it was no fun. and i use the word standstill sparingly becuase while we were sitting there in traffic there was an EARTHQUAKE!!!! ok so only a little tremor but it was totally sweet. the whole bus rocked or about 5 seconds. it was awesome. then when we finally got to there house we found a feast of pizza waiting for us! it was a fun thanksgiving. i really didnt get homesick or think of home at all. i took lots of pictures and a video, ill mail home this memeory card soon. also this week i saw something amazing. you remeber the jail on wheels that is always in the 4th of july parade? i totally saw a real one! it was a truck with a big metal box on back with bars and everything and it had about 5 people in it. they were prisoners and thats how thery transport them. cool right? also i saw my first guatmalan midget this week. score one for me. but then i heard abba´s ´dancing queen´ in spanish. thats negative one point. ok so dad asked about the boots. no i do not use the ones we bought. not by a long shot. elder jenson, good dad that he was, gave me some sweet ecco boots. i use those. something else cool, everyone here calls you cousin. especailly when they want something. ¨awww come on cousin, just a few bucks¨ stuff like that. i think its cool all these guatemalan guys calling me cousin. and the way here ( i email in amatitlan where the district leader lives) we ahd traffic troubles again. a huge protest from workers in factories. they blocked off the freeway. it really made me want to protest something. maybe flip over a car, who knows. thatll have to wait til after the mish. thanks for the email sisters and yes chelsee i can call you. i will call the house and all 4 sisters. markee thanks also im sure nash is just how i left him.....morbidly obese. keep livin the dream elder davis

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