Monday, December 7, 2009

Financial Problems

hello family. so i should start off by telling you the epic tale of my cash flow difficulties. it all started when dad emailed me and told me that my personal debit card stopped working becasue the banks merged. no big deal, i never use it anyway. and then one day i opened my rule book where i keep my mission credit card....and it was gone. i believe i dropped it when i pulled out my copy of my passport which we have to present at times. i also keep that in my rule book. either way it was gone. i lived for a while on the money i had on my body....but that didnt last long. and then i rembered my personal debit card. but iof course it was not working. so i was a little bit stuck. and yes it was all my fault. however, regaurdless of cause...this missionary needs food. and luckily i still had my 100 dollar bill dad gave me in case of emergeny. no food is an emergency, so i cashed it in for 825 quetzales. a small fortune here, that would buy me enough food for a long time. but my card still didnt come (a new one from home or a new one from the mission) and the first of december was approaching, that means rent. so i payed the rent with my personal money (barely) and.......aquired by strategem....some more money to keep on living. luckily we had house inspections this week and some of the sectetaries of the mish (including elder winters, sarahs bro) come to inspect the house with hermana baldwin. and they also brought my new card from the mission. ok so that story doesnty sound neraly as epic as it actually was. so reread it, inserting more adventure and near starvation. but it was a close one and lots of quet to quet living. also a preemptive happy birthday to all of my fam in december. markee clear on down to dad. feliz cumpliaƱos. also mom please find matts email address for me. ive been trying to email him for a while but i have the worng address. also remeber that time when guatemalan food and mexican food are completely different? i do..... a tortilla here is about the size of a baseball and really thick. and nothing is spicy. tell sister reece that a letter should be arriving very soon to here with all of that info in it. i sent a letter to her with a list of things i admire about all her children. 3 weeks ago. thats quite the coincidence if you ask me. also cammie, eric hamblin and julie reece are all getting letters soon. and real bad news mom since you sent my card to the mission home liuke that.....i may never get it. if they have to sign for it somethimes thay ahve to pay for it and if thats the case it will get returned to you. its not a big deal but in the future....dont send stuff that way. well see what happens. im not sure when i get to call but ill let you know when i know. and i do plan on buying a camera when my card comes.....who knows when that wil be. but it should be a charge of under 200 diollars. as for the reindeer....i plead the cinco. i jsut mailed a ,letter to levi taday. christmas day is a tamale day. they eat tamalaes for christmas here and the plan is to go visit members all day and eat tamales. and they are delicoius by the way. ok get to go. love elder davis

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