Wednesday, December 30, 2009

High High High in the Mountains!!

Hey fam
i believe at least once i have explained to you the 3 different areas in my mission. there are capital zones, coast zones and mountain zones. Well i am high high high in the mountains now in zone solola. My area is called quiche. IT is actaully pretty dang cold up here. Water freezes. THere is no snow but its chilly. i have pretty much all the cold weather stuff i need and i actually like the cold. So of course this means i am no longer in Palin. I am also no longer with elder lopez. Thats 4 companioons in 4 changes. Jenson Tax Lopez and now Elder Tadeo from El Salvador. From what ive observed in the mission and what ive been told ill be up here for a while. 6 months maybe. also i had an interview with one of the assistants and i am now a senior companion. other than that not alot.
the chiurch gave all the missionaries in the world a bottle that filters any sort of water. we can drink for rivers toilets and faucets. anything we want with this bottle. it even filters nuclear radiation. kinda cool.

my last day in palin i got called a sevant of satan in the street.....again.

my cpmpanion has 14 months in the mission.

also new guatemalan hand sign. pretend that the flat of your hand is an axe blade. now pretend to chop a tree that is intron of you with your open hand. do that motion three times and it means chicote. chicote is a really stern talking to. getting chewed out. so someone might come out of a meeting with president. ¨how was it elder¨ and all hell do is three chops with his hand. chicote.

oh my gosh mom sisters and aunt tonna. are you all aware that ganga is a real word? it means great discount in spanish. so all your talk of gangas. that is a real word. crazy huh?

not alot else ill let you know about my area next week. it was good to talk to you all. love elder davis

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Kates said...

I am so proud of you Racer and your example. Already senior companion! That is great.