Monday, December 14, 2009


hey fam lots of letters. from the sisters and mom and dad. but here we go.... first of all i want to tell you about a thing i do. so in the city squares there arew a lot of little kids from 7 to 12 ish that shine shoes. they come up and ask is you want a shpoe shine. the shoe shine kids are really poor so what i do is ask who can do it for cheapest. the kid that goes cheapest is the one that needs the work the most ergo the poorest. i talk him down to 1 quet or 2 which is about 20 cents give or take. and then if he is willing to work that cheap i let him shine my shoes. the poor little kid would be greatful for even 1 quet and then i give him 20. a normal shine is 5 or 6. i love doing that becasue i know they need it. they are always very happy and appreciateve. and here in guatemala every 7 of december there is an interesting ritual. everone buys little pinatas of the devil. hundreds of them. we saw one thatwas about 12 feet tasll. all over the city. and then what to they do? with an obscene ammount of fireworks they blow the living crud out of satan. and burn him. its pretty awesome. also the volcvano near us has been very angry lately. it has been spewing way more lava than usual. were all hoping itblows its top for christmas. gotta run family thanks for the ya elder davis

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wendilla! said...

race's mom! can i please oh please get connor race davis' address? i don't know where i put it... thank you! love, wendy smith