Monday, January 25, 2010

He Wants Pictures!

hey not alot of time once again. good to hear about the snow. all the latin elder really want to see it and cant belive we got 4 feet in the mountains. theyve never seen it. and good to hear about the van....i guess. mom please send some pictures of dad and grandpa and one of the whole fmily if you want. just serch the blogs and send some of the best. were picture hungry here in quiche. the only thing i can think of for my birthday would be....nothing really. so there are full on newsies here. little kids with the newspaper shouting in the bus stops and city square the headlines. and they lie about the big stories just like in the movie. its cool also i sent some letters home about 12 weeks ago. im worried they are lost. on of them was sent to our po box cuse i didnt have hage{s address. has it showed up? if not....who knows. one to cammie too. elder neil anderson of the twelve is coming here soon. no big deal or anything. thanks for the pictures of eric they are perfect. gotta correr elder davis

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Grandma Esther said...

It is so good to read your blogs and to hear what is going on in your mission. That is wonderful that Elder Neal Anderson is going to visit your mission. Do you have many General Authorities visit your mission? We are doing okay. The weather is cold so we're thankful for a warm home. You're in our prayers each day. Love you.