Monday, January 11, 2010

How do you spell hypothermia in Spanish?

hey there, still here. in the mountains. still cold. yep.} my new Zone Leader is elder travis johnston from snowflake arizona. its amazing how being away from home can unite different groups...because i hug a lobo on a regular basis now. hes a great great missionary. mom if my credit card hasnt gotten here yet you shoud check to see if its been used. cause still nothing down here. it should have got to me or back to you by now. who knows. also small small world the other day we were at a members house and guess who i ran into. brother (formerly elder) rosales. not a big deal for you or me but he knew and was in the same zone as nathan gleeve in el salvador. like i said....small world. oh and mom this will put you at ease. a missionary in the south mission got hit by a car in the street and is now hospitalized. apparently its pretty serious. elder tyson. our entire mission has been asked to pray for him. so there ya go also please give a big thank you to the stake presidency and the bishio´p rick and sister linda eagar. they all sent me a christmas card. as did katie phelps and brianae hardy. oh and the cricks sent me a letter too. but im gonna write jill back. but please tell them thanks for me. wow good to hear about davis getting blessed. hell be 2 when i come home. biscuit....readin steinbeck. which book? i really do miss reading.....alot. i hope its not cannery row. if it is you picked it cause its short didnt you c ham? mistake, thats a hard book. bill foote would have a concussion.....hopefully he lost his memory about what happened in vegas when we went there together.......hahahahaha not even joking. no ill never see tell. almost never. i gues its possible mayb ew once but i really really doubt it. but i think i can write him through the mission mail system. but please send me his email and written address. ya the bright colored clothing...its actually pretty amazing i do want you to come down and see this all one day. maybe when the dedicate the new temple. you can meet my compaion elder tax and my converts. but as robbie frost once said [i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep]. well talk about that when its a little closer. the food is pretty much the same here just more hot drinks. lots of atol (rice milk type stuff kinda like oatmeal that you drink. delicous) hot chocolate and coffee. there ris acoffee subsititue here called morcaf that all the members drink. its made out of grain and its starting to grow on me. hage would be proud. not alot else going on here. just...ya know...preaching the everlasting gospel. no big deal. my milk froze in the fridge last night. ya. tell a ll the niños hi and that i love them. tambien yo voy a escribir en español un poco. porque? por que yo quiero. i sueño en español ahora. por fin. yo siento bendicido de mi Padre Celstial por los dones (como de lenguas) que el ha dado a mi. ayer yo di un discourso en la reunion sacramental in español. loco verdad? pero si yo lo hice. es un don de Dios por seguro. ojala que todo esta bien alli en los Estados Unidos. love elder davis, quiche guatemala


Rylee said...

robbie frost....oh my he's funny.

Chelsee said...

I want his emails to be longer! I like hearing form him. He sounds good!

Mamma Martin said...

I hope Kathleen tells Race that his half-mexican uncle Bob translated the Spanish for her and Uncle G and that he (Uncle B) was impressed.