Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Nephi 9:19

dear fam. i watched a native woman do animal sacrifices at a mayan shrine. burnt law of moses sacrifices. it was insane and almost straight out of the bible. how did the ancients of this continent get infomation about burnt sacrifices? why are the ceremonies i saw on pday this week and those of ancient israel so similar? if you would like more information about the law of moses among the inhabitansts of the ancient americas or the visitation of jesus christ unto said people, see your nearest mormon. haha we went to a mayan site this week and litleraly watched a law of moses burnt offering. lots of people were doing it. i wrote more about this in another email but it got deleted. also mom i sent a cd with pictures. it should be home soon. and so you stiull have my cd of pictures from the mtc? i got my debit card. whoo hooo and mom please send me through email a picture of eric in his uniform looking o so very militaryish. we are teachin the wife of a solider. she is posivite and he hates us. im going to strike up a conversation with him about his military career with a picture of eric. so he quits yelling at us. hahah not alot of time love elder davis


Rylee said...

ok, not long enough! crazy about the burnt offernings

Kates said...

That is way crazy, but I agree not long enough. He must be very busy. I love his letters though!

Chelsee said...

He is funny! And I feel like the worst sister ever I forgot to write him 2 weeks in a row now!