Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 missionaries; 2 letters. Yahoo!

Hey Sister Davis, Are you kidding I give Elder Davis a huge hug and a kiss everytime I see him haha. we actually saw eachother at changes on monday and I was waiting in line for interviews with president and I happened to turn around and see my bestest friend and we ran towards eachother gave a big Hug and jumping and screaming with excitment. Just like two seventh grader girls it was hilarious and everyone told us to be quiet because president doesnt like loud noise infront of the office doing interviews. it was so funn. Yeah he is doing good being an amazing missionary. As for me, I am doing good I am in a new area now with a new Compaion. so getting to know things here and going to work hard and have success. Things are good, always. That`s totally fine that you wrote my family. Wow, still snowing , I am starting to think that snow is just make believe haha jk. well thanks for writing, you don`t have to write back all the time. just check up everyother month if you want. I understand families can get busy so don`t feel worried that you don`t have time to write back , it`s all cool. I won`t trip.Love you. take care.much alofa (Love in samoan)Elder Mobley

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Chelsee said...

I know look forward to hearing from racer and mobley!