Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hey all glad you got my cd with all the videos and pictures. thats 6 months of mission life. now i can delete the pics off my card. make sure to put all the good ones up on the blog. even a video or two. ya elder tax is about 5 foot. love that little dude. thanks for all the pictures the snow looks awesome. hey elder lowry here in my disctrict knew one of the elders that died in romania. went to high school with him. very sad. the church is always talking about ssaftey with the gas stoves. jd salinger died huh? catcher in the rye....overrated. ya those letters i sent must ahve gotten lost. i have already re written cammie and julie reece. now i jst ahve to write eric and sister reece again. dang it that makes me mad. wow uncle charlie has a girlfriend. thats really great. and i cant believe grandpa is turning 90 soon. crazy business. i went on divisions this week with my district leader and we went to his area. out there they have a hlll called pakinak. it took us about an hour to climb and it looked just like we were climbing in the white mountains. same land and trees and eveything. but it took two young fit elders an hour of hard climbing to get up there. it is a little mountain comunity and there are about 25 members that live up there. it takes them all day to come down and go to church hauling all their kids and their food for the day. its a pretty incredible sacrifice considering we live 2 mintues from our chapels. also we have an investigator named dialma. she is super awesome and progressing well but her husband is an ex soldier and hates us. he told us this week if we come back to his house again he is going to leave his wife. we dont believe him and she still wants us to come by but he is such an impediment to her progress. but she is awesome and already has a testimony of the Book of MOrmon and is inviting all of her sisters (there are 11) to listen to us. she is really amazing its jsut that her husband is un gran necio. i tried to use the pictures of eric in his unform to strike up a conversation with him but he is a heard hearted old dude. well see what happens. ill try and email some pictures i took on divisions with elder gropp. i have some up in pakinak and some other....intersintng photos.....he snapped while we are together. i love you all i hope all is well and kiss the neices and nephews for me. ryder twice. i almost just typed in the name of Jesus christ amen. oh ps i wont email until tuesday this coming week. i doubt i have a transfer but ill let you know. either way we will email tuesday. love elder davis

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Rylee said...

Great letter...and Uncle Charlie has a girlfriend? Who knew??