Monday, February 22, 2010


hi not alot happened this week. i got hit with an egg, i met an apostle, i traveled all over this region of guatemala hardly sleeping, i did a baptismal interview, i got a cold, ok a lot happened, first about the egg, not alot to tell actually. i just got pegged with an egg by a moving car one night. it actually hurt pretty good. i was mad for a while but got over it. now on to the apostle. elder neli l anderson of the 12 came to solola and we had a special meeting with just 40 ish elders and him. he is very funny and very nice. he looks older than on tv. his spanish is....shakny....but he does a good job. he speaks 5 languages or something like that. i shook his hand and told him who i was and where i was from anbd he said he knew where eagar was. i didnt get to ask him how but...there ya go. his talk was awesome and he is great. i have been traveling alot here and the terrain is like salt river canyon a bit. and we ride in crappy dangerous busses. it really takes it out of you. i am so tired. tuesday the district went the 1 hour and a half to solola and came back, wednesday as well, and thursday as well. friday i went to joyobaj (another hour and a half in the other direcion) and spent the night there only to come back saturday morning. sunday was normal, and this week is gonna be loco as well. i have to go to joyobaj again and to chinique and to solola and to cunen. i know those places mean nothing to you but its alot of time and money in a bus. but its what i have to do now. gotta go, no time love davis

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