Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey fam so this week was pretty awesome. im not writing until wednesday because we had to go to the capital for transfer meeting. we had to get on a bus at 4 30 in the morning and ride for 4 hours to get there in time. but i didnt swich comps im still with tadpole. i just had an interview with president and had to help the new elders come back to our area. but this last week of the change we went as a zone to lake atitlan. never heard of it.....its beter known as the waters of mormon. boo ya. also i was the second gringo a family saw this week. way up in a high village were i sent that picture mom, is a family that has only seen my comp for that day (elder gropp) and me. 2 gringos in their whole lives. this week i was at the house of a member and was looking through her mission photos when i stumbled accross a photo of her and a sharply dressed gringo in a suit with little hair. it was her with uncle doug when he went to her mission as a seventy. small world. thats cool about tj and sustin what good news. ya im waiting to find a nickel down here too. so they are making a new mission down here. in june they are gonna take part of our mission and part of another and make a new mission. its possible that i may go there so maybe ill end my mish with a new ppresident new everything. i certainly hope not. we have 2 people we want to set a baptismal date with this week. One lady named reina and a teenager named freddie. ill let you know. gotta go love elder davis


Markee said...

That is crazy about the picture with Uncle Doug!!!

Rylee said...

waters of ya. so funny. pretty awesome he gets to see such neat stuff!