Monday, February 1, 2010

I actually did get a letter today.... just not from Race.

Hey sister Davis. Sorry I haven`t gotten back to you, wow it`s been forever. I got your letter on the 9th of December, it was a big surprise as well because I wasn`t expecting a letter from anyone. Thanks so much.How has the family been doing? how has Elder Davis been doing? I haven`t spoke to him in forever, he`s up in the Mountains and I am here in the blazing hott coast haha. Let him know I said wussup.Ooh my family just moved into their new home in Riverton so there address is 5066 west Grand view Peak Drive, Riverton, Utah 84096. and for my name it is pronounced Talalima -(Tall.lah.lee.mah) it is Samoan.well thanks so much for the letter, I enjoyed it and still enjoy it.Hope things are doing good up there in Arizona, Love you all.Best success,Elder Mobley

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