Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures, Lobos and Apostles!!!!!

hey family hey all. elder davis here. im the one in guatemala. ps elder anderson is coming here tommorow. no big deal. good to hear about the basketball scene. even better to hear about beating snowflake. my zone leader elder johnston is from snowflake. we did divisions and he slept a night with me in quiche and we got to talking a little trash. its funny though, he lived there his whole life, i lived in eager my whole life, he did choir and went to regional festivals, so did i, he went to eac and was friends with my friend curtis gardner (who you have met, family) and yet we had to come to guatemala to get acquainted. in the night when we were getting ready for bed and he put on his pajamas, and of course he brought his snoflake blue and white, head to toe, pants, shirt and everything. all in blue and white with a big lobo on front. not to be ouotdone i ran upstairs and put on my round valley best and came down stairs and i said ¨no estarĂ© ganado en mi propia casa¨ or that is ¨i will not be beat in my own house¨. and then the trash talking. he said ¨well your mascot is....pretty good....what do elks do anyway, bleat?¨ and i said ¨no we bugle thank you VERY much¨ it was very light hearted and funny. but what are odds that he is from snoflake im from eagar and we spent the night in the same house in guatemala. weird.... mom if you could send me your recipie for banana bread i would be very agredecedo. gustavo is being sold huh? thats sad. there are lots of dudes named gustavo down here. i called my companion tadpole because he is.....a tadpole. that is the best way to describe him. think of a tadpole in human form. yep thats him. hahaha thats a great joke you played on the hamblins. i wish i could have been there to see doc ham so mad. i miss hearing the old eagar vernacular. im so glad gramps is buying more land. tell ryder i comand him to poop in the toilet. its an order. ok gotta go. im gonna sent some pictures. love edaves (elder davis)


Chelsee said...

Race commanded ryder obeyed!

Curtis Gardner said...

I see I made an appearance in one of Race's mission reports. Who would have thought.

Grandma Esther said...

I loved reading your blog and your sense of humor. That is something to be down where the Mayan ruins are. Grandpa and I love you and think you are wonderful. Keep up the good missionary work.