Monday, March 8, 2010

Banana Bread, Apostasy and Earthquakes!

hey fam

yes i changed email. sorry i didnt have time to write much but here i am awriting now.

first order of business, my new email is gmail. its exactly like gmail only the church version. they are working with google. the church is so awesome.

secondly. earthquakes. nothing big has happened here but we are hearing about alot of horrible things in Chile and all over. but the other day i woke up at about 5 to the whole house shaking. i kinda freaked and yelled to my comp. it woke him up too but before my disaster training skills could kick in (stop drop and roll, look both ways before crossing, and all that) it stopped. it was just a little tremor but it happened 3 times that day. but Guatemala is expecting a big one. a REALLy big one and i bet it comes while I'm here. like really big. the kind where i have to go to a new mission in Texas big. well see.

speaking of changing missions. if this new mission works out correctly i might go into that new mission. i would have a new mission president and everything. i REALLY dont want to go to the new mission. if im asked i wont decline but i will let president know i want to end my mission with him. ill keep you filled in.

also i bought a mandolin here! (with permission of the assistants) and i have been asked to play it in zone conference this Wednesday. wish me luck im singing Si pudieras ir a Kolöb (or if you could hie to kolob). it should be good,

also i finally went to the upper reaches of my area (which extends to mexico) to an area called cunen. its actually not that far away but i had never seen it before. we went and that little hidden brach is full of apostasy. i felt like paul, showing up looking around and saying ¨what the heck are you people doing with the doctrine of Christ?!¨ the branch president has his business open on sundays and is employing a girl who wants to get baptized but cant, cause she has to work Sundays and he wont let her off to go to church. ya. crazy business.

another thing thats really cool. ive realized that i know when people are thinking about me. at random moments ill feel this strange feeling like a camera suddenly appeared and is sitting on my shoulder and that someone is looking in on my day. just for a few seconds but i feel like im sharing the moment with someone. for example ill be walking in a forest trying to find a house out there in cunen and ill think this is a very surreal moment, very stereotype missionary type moment and then ill feel like someone is watching and i think its cause someone is thinking about me. trying to imagine what im doing at that moment. so if any of you try to picture what im doing at any given moment maybe you are given a little glimpse and thats why i feel that way.

and mom what was grandmas favorite hymn? i cannot remeber the name in english and spanish.....who knows! what was it?

but not alot else has been happening here. we have two boys that we are preparing for baptism, that should happen this month hopefully. no i havent got my packeage yet but i bet it will arrive this wednesda at zone conference. and mom your bannana bread was a hit! ME AND ELDER GROPP MADE IT DURING DIVISIONSA AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. oops didnt mean to shout. wrong button.

disneyland sounds fun. send pictures! with this new email it will be easier to send and recieve pictures.

goota run

love race (thats elder davis to you people)

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Chelsee said...

Very cool! Not the earthquake thing though and the mandolin is just funny!